A new “Clips “ feature is going to launch on YouTube that can take on Twitch

There are many similarities between YouTube and Twitch in many ways. But it is a different fact that the services of both of them are completely different and they also serve different customers altogether. YouTube only focuses on sharing videos, but twitch is all about streaming whatever you want to stream.

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Recently YouTube has brought some clipping features on their platform to allow the creators to capture a short portion from their videos or streams. This feature is only available on Desktop and Android Devices, but very soon it will be available on iOS devices.

It is not a new feature because this new clipping feature has been on Twitch for some time. YouTube has confirmed that it has started testing this feature only among a small group of creators. The Clips feature on YouTube will permit the creators and signed in users to choose 5-60 second portion from their video uploads and stream, they will also share those on various social media platforms.

The most important fact is it is made only for kids, a live stream without DVR, the live stream of more than 8 hours in length. If you start watching an eligible video on YouTube, you will have to need to click the clip’s icon under the video to create and share a clip.

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In the clip box section, you need to select the section of the video you want to clip and give a title. But when you are writing something you will not click that feature at that time, but we will wait for the creators to declare that it is similar to Twitch or any other different feature in it.


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