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Everything that you need to know about the account for business

When one creates a company, one needs to do a lot of things at once. One of them is to open a business account, and it belongs to the most important tasks. The reason is plain, as the company will operate with funds and transfer money, etcbusiness account is a tool for doing it properly, correctly, and in time.

There are several ways to open a business account in Europe. However, recently in France, there has been a trend to operate through an online account. Let us discover why it can be beneficial and how this type of business account is created and managed.

What should I do first to open a business account?

First and foremost, decide whether you will go to the traditional bank with its tiresome bureaucracy or select the modern option such as an online account. Of course, your business account must be safe, together with your money and personal information. 

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In the case of traditional banks, we used to consider them highly secure. Nevertheless, modern online financial institutions have proven themselves reliable. For example, the Genome EMI follows all the safety regulations, applies advanced anti-fraud protection, and is supervised by the Lithuanian central bank in Europe.

Therefore, you should carefully check the security issues while searching for the provider of the business account. If you make the right choice, there will be no problems. 

The procedure of business account creation

An online account means that you create it also online. The convenient service is provided for you anytime and anywhere. The only thing that you need is a stable Internet connection.

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For the clients, Genome offers the following procedure:

  1. Register on the website of the financial organization and sign in.
  2. Prove your identity according to the required steps.
  3. Fill in the data about your company.

No matter if you are in France or in some other country, the Genome team will consider the application in 3 days and give you the answer.

After the creation, the business account is totally ready for your actions, and in case of any questions, the support team is ready to solve them and help you. 

Advantages of the online account

image Everything that you need to know about the account for business

The abandonment of old-fashioned banking is the first benefit of the online account. In addition, it is not the only pleasant thing.

Each provider does its best to make the business account convenient and full of useful features. Many details are described on https://blog.genome.eu/, and here it is worth mentioning at least the main on them.

Transfer money in a few clicks

The international transactions are available under favorable fees. Moreover, you do not need to create the same payments repeatedly. Just save the template and use it whenever you need it.

Utilize different currencies

Your business account will be opened in EUR or USD, but you can receive payments and add accounts in other currencies. The exchange is available in the system under affordable fees.

Manage the business account with the teammates

While the company is expanding together with the number of transactions, add other employees to the business account and assign them needed roles. That will make managing an online account a pretty easy task.

Stay in touch

You can download the app with your business account and turn on real-time notifications. That means that you will always know what happens with your money.

Do not hesitate to get your own business account in EUR or USD and join those who are fond of modern online banking. There are numerous reasons to do this, and this tool will give you all that you are waiting for.

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