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Xplore Lifestyle launched the world’s first medical grade Watch: CardiacSense, a boon for arrhythmia/irregular heartbeat care

  • Xplore Lifestyle, a futuristic patient monitoring solutions provider collaborates with an Israeli company to launch CardiacSense, the world’s first medical grade and wearable continuous monitoring device in the form of a watch
  • This is a clinically proven and approved medical device with EU MDR and CE 2797 certifications.
  • CardiacSense surpassed all US FDA set thresholds on all parameters during trials exhibiting a 0.6% False Detection Rate (FDR) as against the US FDA-mandated threshold of 2% and with an accuracy of over 99%
  • CardiacSense has Patented, Novel Bio-sensing Opto-Mechanical sensors which in combination with advanced Artifact sensors are capable of Beat by Beat and Breath by Breath Continuous Monitoring of all vital signs
  • This medical Device is capable of differentiating between a Normal Heart Rhythm from an Abnormal/Irregular Heart Rhythm ( Arrhythmia ), especially Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)
  • Among different kinds of life-threatening arrhythmias, AFib is the most dangerous and is responsible for approximately 70% of strokes globally
  • Patients with chronic conditions such as High Blood Pressure (hypertension), Chronic Heart Failure (CHF), COPD and Sleep Apnea can also be monitored continuously
  • Doctors can remotely initiate an ECG test for patients from their clinic and see ECG results  in real time making diagnosis possible remotely

In a far-reaching development for health monitoring particularly for cardiology in the country, Xplore Lifestyle, the country’s leading and futuristic MedTech solutions provider in collaboration with an Israeli company has come up with the most advanced cardiac and other vital signs monitoring technology in the form of an easy-to-wear watch. Taking wearable technologies to a new level, CardiacSense is the first medical grade continuous vitals monitoring device launched globally. The product was launched at Le Méridien in New Delhi at an event attended by Mr. Naor Gilon, Ambassador of Israel to India along with Eyal Copitt and Ido Mor from CardiacSense, and Pankaj Balwani from Xplore Lifestyle.

image 665 Xplore Lifestyle launched the world’s first medical grade Watch: CardiacSense, a boon for arrhythmia/irregular heartbeat care

Built with cutting-edge Israeli biosensing technologies, its patented optomechanical sensors when combined with the proprietary PPG, ECG and Artifact sensing Technology and advanced algorithms, the watch can detect and read heart activity beat-by-beat. As a result, it can detect fatal Arrhythmia like AFib, and notify doctors and family members of patients instantly. It can also be used for patients suffering from chronic conditions such as BP (hypertension), Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) and other cardiac conditions.

The watch also has the capability to measure breath-by-breath respiratory rate and can track conditions such as COPD and Sleep Apnea. A watch being able to read respiratory rate is again the world’s first.

As against a US FDA-set threshold of a maximum 2% False Detection Rate (FDR), CardiacSense has shown remarkably high accuracy rates with just 0.6% FDR making it the most accurate medical device among all wearable devices in the world market. Already armed with a CE certification under European Union’s Medical Device Regulation (MDR), the product is in the advanced stages of being approved by the US FDA too.

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“Patients with irregular heart rhythms (Arrhythmia) in most cases don’t realize that they may be suffering from some of the life-threatening abnormal heart rhythms. With Atrial Fibrillation being the most serious arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat) responsible for approximately 70% of ischemic strokes, CardiacSense is able to detect Atrial Fibrillation with over 99% accuracy. With CardiacSense, patients and their doctors will get alerts for life-threatening events. Also, doctors can look through saved recordings on the Mobile App and cloud for all vital signs of patients, and will be able to assess what had really happened with the patient during a cardiac event. This 24/7 continuous monitoring capability gives beneficial information to doctors who can diagnose and quickly start the proper treatment for such patients, said Mr. Pankaj Balwani, the founder & CEO of Xplore Lifestyle.

“For over a decade now, Xplore Lifestyle has been at the forefront of various healthcare technologies introduced in the Indian market. We have an outstanding track record of bringing innovative MedTech devices derived from cutting-edge technologies. In fact, Xplore Lifestyle is in the process of launching some more advanced life-saving medical devices forging collaborations with some of the best in the world. These technologies will completely transform the way hospitals and doctors deliver healthcare services to their patients today. Over the years, we have positioned ourselves as specialists in patient and health monitoring technologies and devices. With the launch of CardiacSense, we did not just wish to fill the market gap in terms of providing the most accurate Ambulatory Patient Monitoring Device in the world, we also wish to make people aware of the silent and life-threatening nature of some of the arrhythmias including Atrial Fibrillation and other chronic illnesses,” added Mr. Balwani.

The device will be available in India from September 2022.


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