Sunday, February 5, 2023

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic Expansion is Going to Launch on 1st June

Previously we thought that Blizzard might have leaked the release date for World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic, finally it is now officially announced that the expansion is going to launch on 1st June.

It is going to be similar to 2007 when Burning Crusade launched. This Burning Crusade Classic will offer totally a new continent for WoW Classic players to go through and explore more on their quest to achieve the new level cap of 70. Brand new two races, blood elves, and draenei are also going to join the Horde and Alliance respectively.

This time players will be able to prepare more for their adventures in Outland. Blizzard informed about the announcement in a blog post that the pre-expansion will arrive on May 18. Then the players will have to choose whether they want to continue into the Burning Crusade or choose to transfer to the brand new servers that will be in the Vanilla Classic era where the level cap stretches to 60 and any new content will not be added. Players will have time to level new blood elf and draenei characters in the preparation for the total launch on June 1.


Blizzard has published the global release times for the Burning Crusade Classic, which are:

  • Americas: 3 pm PDT, June 1
  • Europe: 11 pm CET, June 1
  • Taiwan: 7 am CST, June 2
  • Korea: 8 am KST, June 2
  • Oceana: 10 am AEDT, June 2

If any player wants to play without leveling up to the max in WoW Classic, which is 60, then you can purchase the one-time level boost which might be available few days before the launch.


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