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Work for Humankind: Lenovo invites you to work from one of Earth’s most remote locations with smarter technology

  • Work for Humankind is a bold initiative in partnership with Island Conservation and the Robinson Crusoe Island community that calls on volunteers from around the world to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: to experience first-hand how to make a long-lasting difference with a remote island community, while working at their day job from one of the most remote offices in the world – in an environment enabled by tech 
  • Powered by Lenovo tech, volunteers will take their hybrid work to the Island and come together through several life-changing restoration projects on Robinson Crusoe Island to help prevent the extinction of endangered species and support the local community on its journey to sustainability 
  • Research conducted by Lenovo™ reveals almost all (98%) of Indian Gen Z and Millennial respondents feel it’s important to give back and contribute positively to local communities during a ‘Work from Anywhere’ experience

Lenovo India, 02 December 2021: Lenovo, the global technology leader, announces the launch of Work for Humankind, a bold initiative that calls on volunteers from around the world – including from India – to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: to make a long-lasting difference while simultaneously working at their day job from one of the most remote places in the world, thanks to some of the most advanced, smarter technology. Lenovo is inviting volunteers to apply for the opportunity to participate in the daily life of this island community.

Work for Humankind’s location – Robinson Crusoe Island, a destination more than 400 miles west of mainland Chile – is one of the most ecologically rich places on the planet. Today, it faces many challenges. These include access to education and healthcare, the impact of habitat degradation, and invasive species. The local community, the international non-profit Island Conservation, and the Chilean Government have initiated a number of community-driven projects over the last decade to address these problems. However, these efforts are often hindered by telecommunications and technology challenges. Despite this, the island community is committed to protecting its natural and cultural legacy and intends to achieve sustainability through greater independence to meet food and energy needs, and conservation of its natural and cultural heritage.

Work for Humankind will send selected volunteers with a range of skills, backgrounds, and specialities to work at their day job, from Robinson Crusoe Island, while also volunteering to help prevent the extinction of endangered species and support the local community as it works toward achieving sustainability. This will be done through several life-changing restoration projects in partnership with Island Conservation and the local community on Robinson Crusoe Island, including developing much-needed connectivity solutions for the Island’s infrastructure. Volunteers will come from India and from nine other locations around the world.

Lenovo is creating a cutting-edge technology hub with a range of technology devices, services and solutions from the company’s Intelligent Devices Group, including high-speed internet connectivity, which will help the Island advance its goals – equipping volunteers to do their day jobs and support conservation projects on this haven of wildlife and cultural diversity. Lenovo is committed to leaving a lasting legacy on the Island to support the community’s goals and for the benefits to be felt long after the volunteer project is complete, which includes developing infrastructure to increase internet bandwidth to at least 10Mbps. To this end, a legacy fund will be established to maintain the community hub and support community projects.

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Work hybrid like never before

Supporting this initiative is fresh research from Lenovo that reveals the growing significance of remote and hybrid work, especially for Indian Gen Z and Millennials. In addition, the study spotlights an increasing desire for flexibility due to its benefits for individuals and society overall – including saving money, having more time for friends and family, and having a better work-life balance.

The study, which surveyed more than 1,500 people in the Indian market as part of a 15,000-person global survey, finds just how willing knowledge workers are – especially the younger workforce – to change their everyday environments and do their day jobs from a remote destination while contributing to the community. A remarkable 85% of Indian Gen Z and Millennial respondents say they would rather work more hours from a great remote location of their choice than go into the office every day. A whopping 74% of this group would also accept a pay cut to work from a great remote location rather than getting a normal salary in the office every day. 

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The data reveals that more than six out of seven Indian Gen Z and Millennials feel more productive, creative, and inspired when working remotely. It also shines a light on the younger workforce’s mindset in striving to make a positive difference no matter where they’re working from, as 91% of Indian Gen Z surveyed see the importance of drawing attention to and supporting the local community they’re working from, in areas like environmental and social issues.  

Key findings of the study include:

  • Nine in ten Indian people aged 18-40 think working from anywhere is beneficial to society, communities, employers, and employees
  • 98% deem giving back and making a positive impact on the local community as ‘very important’
  • Nearly 88% of Indian respondents say “Working from Anywhere” would improve their personal relationships
  • 84% of Indian respondents said they are open to working from anywhere in the world, while almost six in seven (85%) are happy to work more hours if it means being able to do so from a remote location
  • 94% of Indian Gen Z and Millennials say it’s highly important to stimulate the local economy when “Working from Anywhere”
  • More than 80% of respondents believe their current technology has allowed them to work more flexibly, increase productivity and reach their full potential
  • 93% of respondents are excited about new, emerging technology that will make it easier to “Work from Anywhere” effectively 

How to become a volunteer 

Those interested in becoming one of the volunteers to work at their normal job from Robinson Crusoe Island, while also contributing to Island Conservation, can find out more and apply at www.LenovoWFH.com by November 30, 2021.

Fulfilling a global ambition to do better 

True to its vision of leading and delivering smarter technology for all, Lenovo recognizes that technology is pivotal in creating the flexibility to fulfill knowledge workers’ desires to have a remote work environment that enables them to do good. The research reveals 98% of Indian respondents believe giving back and leaving a positive impact when in their Work from Anywhere location is extremely important to them. It also uncovered that time saved by hybrid working allows Indian Gen Z and Millennial respondents to be more focused on spending time with family, exercising or learning a new skill or hobby. 

Work for Humankind is the perfect opportunity to do just that. By putting a spotlight on the humanity of ambition born out of the last 20 months, and showcasing what can be achieved from anywhere, Lenovo wants to demonstrate what is possible when you bring together skilled individuals, cutting-edge smarter technology and connectivity, and a simple desire to solve world problems.

Shailendra Katyal, Managing Director, Lenovo PCSD India, comments: “The recent years have made people discern the importance of doing good and technology’s ability in assisting it. Be it due to the pandemic or society’s focus on sustainability, they are understanding the need to be kind and nurture a sense of wellbeing towards other communities. Technology can greatly help us achieve this. 91% of the Indian respondents believe technology and tech companies are key factors in enabling people to work from anywhere. This provides an immense scope for companies like Lenovo to be a powerful catalyst for this change. Work for Humankind will showcase how innovation in technology can help us draw attention to the importance of our individual wellbeing as well as that of our communities.” 

David Will, Head of Innovation at Island Conservation, comments: “We are looking forward to working closely with Lenovo and Robinson Crusoe on this exciting new community-led initiative, which is set to have a hugely positive and lasting impact on the island.

“The innovation will enable us to develop much-needed connectivity solutions which will accelerate our ability to implement proven conservation actions. This will preserve the island’s rich habitats and endangered species that thrive on this beautiful island. It will improve our ability to work with island communities in the region for years to come while preventing the extinction of globally threatened species.”

Pablo Manríquez Angulo, Mayor of Robinson Crusoe, comments: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Lenovo and to welcome volunteers from around the world to our Island.

“We’re so excited to get started and to see the positive impact that the volunteers can bring to our community, the biodiversity, and island ecosystems on Robinson Crusoe.”


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