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Will Lionel Messi Play in the Paris Olympics 2024?

Lionel Messi, fresh off his triumphant victory at the 2022 World Cup, is now contemplating another prestigious goal: representing Argentina at the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. The possibility of Messi’s participation in the Olympics has been opened up by none other than Javier Mascherano, the coach of Argentina’s U20 national team. In this article, we delve into the prospects and challenges of Messi’s Olympic aspirations.

Lionel Messi with his Olympic Medal Image via FC Barcelona Official Website Will Lionel Messi Play in the Paris Olympics 2024?
Lionel Messi with his Olympic Medal, Image via FC Barcelona Official Website

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Mascherano’s Support for Messi and Di Maria

Mascherano, in an interview with TyC Sports, expressed his enthusiasm for the idea of having two world champions like Messi and Angel Di Maria in the Olympic squad. He stated, “Clearly it would be a pride for us to be able to have two world champions and this kind of players. There are players who deserved to decide certain things. And clearly, Leo and Angel are part of that.” Mascherano’s endorsement adds weight to the possibility of Messi competing in Paris.

Completing the Circle of Excellence

For Messi, participating in the Olympic Games would be an opportunity to complete a remarkable circle in his career. He began his journey with a gold medal in Beijing, and returning to the Olympics in Paris could be the perfect bookend to his illustrious career. However, it won’t be without its challenges.

Balancing Olympic Dreams and Copa America

One of the significant hurdles Messi would face is the demanding schedule in 2024, as the Olympics coincide with a new edition of the Copa America. Playing in two major tournaments during the same summer is not unprecedented, with Pedri’s 2021 feat of participating in both the European Championship and the Olympic Games serving as a recent example. Messi would need to carefully consider how to manage his commitments and physical condition.

Lionel Messi Image via FC Barcelona Official Website 1 Will Lionel Messi Play in the Paris Olympics 2024?
Lionel Messi, Image via FC Barcelona Official Website

A Potential Showdown with Mbappe

A captivating prospect of Messi’s Olympic participation is the possibility of a rematch with Kylian Mbappe, whom he faced in the World Cup final. Mbappe’s desire to represent France at the Games adds excitement to the potential showdown. Thierry Henry’s impressive French squad promises an intense competition that would make the Olympic soccer tournament a must-watch event.

Scaloni’s Role in the Mix

Lionel Scaloni, the coach of the senior Argentine national team, could also play a pivotal role in this scenario. Mascherano revealed that he discussed the situation with Scaloni, stating that “if we qualify for the Olympic Games, he has the right to be the coach.” Scaloni’s presence would further elevate the intrigue of the Olympic Games, drawing attention rarely seen in soccer at this event.

Lionel Messi’s Strategic Move – A New Mansion

In addition to his sporting endeavors, Messi has made a significant strategic move in his personal life. He and his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, have acquired a new residence in the United States, signaling his commitment to his role at Inter Miami in the MLS. Let’s explore the details of Messi’s new $10 million mansion and the reasons behind this smart move.

Lionel Messi Image via Twitter Will Lionel Messi Play in the Paris Olympics 2024?
Lionel Messi, Image via Twitter

A Home Close to the Action

Messi’s new residence, valued at $10.8 million, is a beachfront mansion located just 16 minutes away from Inter Miami’s stadium in Fort Lauderdale. This strategic choice allows him to be conveniently located near his team’s home base, emphasizing his dedication to the MLS.

Luxurious Amenities and Spacious Living

The property boasts an impressive 3,200 square meters, featuring two 170-foot piers, an oceanfront pool, a gym, a spa, and a meticulously designed Italian kitchen. With nine bedrooms, including a sprawling master suite, the mansion offers ample space for Messi and his family. It also includes 9.5 bathrooms and a three-car garage for added convenience.

A Sound Investment and Celebrity Neighbors

Messi’s choice in real estate also seems to be a smart investment. The mansion, originally built in 1988 and remodeled in 2000, has seen a 20 percent increase in value in just 16 months. Moreover, Messi’s teammate, Sergio Busquets, recently purchased a waterfront mansion in the same area, further cementing the sense of community among Inter Miami players.

Lionel Messi Image via Twitter 1 Will Lionel Messi Play in the Paris Olympics 2024?
Lionel Messi, Image via Twitter

Lionel Messi’s potential participation in the Paris Olympics adds another layer of excitement to his already illustrious career. While challenges lie ahead, the prospect of facing off against Mbappe and the potential involvement of coach Lionel Scaloni make this a tantalizing possibility. Moreover, Messi’s strategic move to a new mansion in Fort Lauderdale underscores his commitment to his MLS journey with Inter Miami. As the soccer legend continues to make headlines both on and off the field, fans around the world eagerly await his next moves.

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