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Why Jio Fiber’s ₹999 plan is the best for your home usage?

Revolutionizing the broadband market again, Reliance Jio has disrupted the old limited data limit imposed on broadband connections for years now. Although there were still cable networks from operators that offered unlimited data at reasonable costs, their service is not something you can always rely on.

Fortunately, I have been using Reliance JioFiber for over three months now, and I will let you know why opting for the ₹999 monthly plan is the best one for home and family usage. I have compared the plan to BSNL and Airtel to give a fair idea of Jio’scompetitors’s offer at the same price.


Here we have taken into account the plans for the Kolkata region for Airtel while Jio plans remain the same throughout the country:

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Why Jio Fiber's ₹999 plan is the best for your home usage?

For Jio: You can either opt for a ₹1,500 trial that only grants you the internet service or for the ₹2,500 trial that grants you a 4K set-top box as well. Also, you have an unlimited call option which you can avail of by getting buying a receiver that can connect with the modem provided.

Why Jio Fiber's ₹999 plan is the best for your home usage?

For Airtel: For a basic installation, you have to pay ₹1798, and this is not a trial, so you need to pay extra for the first month. On the other hand, the good thing is you can avail the Xstream box for free only even if you opt for a cheaper ₹499 monthly plan.

Both of the services have their own benefits, but Jio’s trial option is definitely more tempting and helps save your internet bill for the first month and even test it before you can continue. I have been enjoying the ₹999 plan by paying ₹2,500 for the trial; however, both providers provide fast service when it comes to setup.

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But, do note that both Airtel and Jio Fiber are restricted to fewer areas but have expanded a lot in the past year and should continue the momentum with time. Both of these providers offer you Wi-Fi calling feature with all plans to save a heck lot of money you have to pay for one-month unlimited calls.

Gone are the days of cable TV box

Yes, those days of cable TV entertainment has gone by as the modern age Fiber broadband bundles with smart set-top boxes come with their own OS and a bunch of OTT apps. So, essentially you won’t have to pay separate for your internet and separate for the channels you want to watch.

These days entertainment is easier to get and afford in the digital era which India is heading to slowly. Almost every channel you love can now be availed via the ₹999 monthly plan of Jio Fiber along with a bunch of OTT apps, so your entertainment is endless.

Jio Fiber’s ₹999 plan comes with 14 OTT apps, including Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Eros Now, JioCinema, Zee5, SonyLiv, Voot, AltBalaji, Sun NXT, Shemaroo, Lionsgate, Discovery+, Voot Select, Voot Kids, and hoichoi. From YouTube on TV to binge-watching your favorite TV shows from the past, it’s all available in one app – JioTV Plus.

Whereas with Airtel, though you get a free Xstream DTH box, you get only one month HD Pack for live TV, and the OTT subscriptions are restricted to Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, Lionsgate, Eros Now, Voot Basic, Hungama Play, Shemaroo, Ultra.

Why Jio Fiber's ₹999 plan is the best for your home usage?

Also, the biggest advantage Jio has is that it offers free Live TV to a wide range of channels at the highest quality and has a dedicated section for it. For entertainment, Jio’s UI and the store have added many apps since 3 and a half months of my usage, and it is evident that for Live TV or movies, in entertainment Jio Fiber gives you the best offering.

The Fiber Broadband

The ₹999 plan of Jio Fiber offers you 150Mbps internet, and you can opt up to a whopping 1Gbps speed with the ₹3,999 plan, and the speed is valid up to 3300GB. At the same time, Airtel gives you 200Mbps speed for a ₹999 monthly plan valid up to 3333 GB of data.

Why Jio Fiber's ₹999 plan is the best for your home usage?

On the other hand, BSNL’s Fibre Premium plan provides the same 200Mbps speed for ₹999 per month for 3300GB of high-speed data. All of these providers give you unlimited Local/STD Calls as well.

Having tested Jio Fiber for months now, I realized for typical home usage and even for my professional work 150Mbps speed is quite adequate while some can go for a ₹1499 plan that offers double the speed and a basic Netflix subscription as well but not the 4K one.

Screenshot 187 Why Jio Fiber's ₹999 plan is the best for your home usage?
You get almost 15-20Mbps raw download speeds with Jio Fiber’s ₹999 plan

So, do not fall into the trap of getting a 4K streaming Netflix plan at ₹1499; so the point is, if you do not get that, why go for the higher plan? As it just doubles the speed and the cost increase by ₹500 + 18% GST, so that is a lot. Unless you are a content creator or have many things to upload each day, going above ₹999 makes no sense; obviously, you are welcome to do so if you have money.

Why Jio Fiber's ₹999 plan is the best for your home usage?

However, for general home usage, the 150Mbps internet is blazing fast while Jio gives makes some 5-10Mbps here and there in speed, Airtel gives more than it promises you.

Both Jio and Airtel have a strong network and 24×7 network, truly their internet coverage is great, never did I faced any issue with Jio and @astroani did with Airtel Xstrem Fiber. Only the 200Mbps speed by Airtel is faster on paper but is very less noticeable in everyday life.


Taking into account what all Jio, Airtel and BSNL offers with their latest Fiber broadband plans, you can either choose between Jio and Airtel because both are great if you are looking for entertainment and internet as a package.

However, for installation, you save some money with Airtel but you have to commit to it whereas Jio gives you one month trial, which I think is better as the extra Rs.1k you pay can be saved with the monthly trial. So, in this section too Jio Fiber is much better.

Coming to entertainment, Airtel Xstream is good, but its limitation to live TV services makes it less recommendable. With Jio, I feel you get more value as it has a huge library of OTT apps and other apps and a dedicated live TV section with almost all the required channels for everyday usage.

For internet, Airtel and BSNL has that extra 50Mbps advantage but I do feel that is very less noticeable for daily usage. If your area does offer only Airtel or BSNL just go for Airtel simply but if Jio Fiber is available including other options then Jio Fiber is a better choice in the long run.

@astroani has been using Airtel Xstream as he has no options while I have Jio Fiber in my locality, so it’s all about availability at the end of the day. But if you have Jio Fiber and want a ‘value for money’ plan for everyday usage, then the ₹999 monthly plan is the best one for you and your family.

Soon, I will be showing you how to use your JioTV+ account to subscribe and see all these OTT apps on your smartphone or any device. Stay tuned 😉

  1. Thank U Raunuk for sharing ur experience with such exquisite detailing, especially abt the 999 n 1499 plan n comparison with other ISPs. Waiting for jiofiber which is a few roads away. Will go for the 999 plan than the next planned till now (can always upgrade later). Your pattern of writing also grabbed my eyeballs. Well done.

  2. Many thanks for the detailed review just want to know that do we get aal the live channels which come on the Normal hd set top box?

  3. I have Jio fiber Wifi moderm and 1 set up box but I want additional 2 set up box because my home at 3 tv so I want 2 set up box can I get it?

  4. Hi,
    I had already taken Jio Fibre plan for 399/- but now want all tv channel at home with 2 tv set. what are the options please provide detail



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