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WhiteHat Jr and EnduroSat partner to enable kids to “Code a Satellite”

  • The Satellite, named Ayana, was part of the payload carried by the SpaceX Falcon 9 rideshare rocket, launched on May 25 at 18:35 GMT, from Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA
  • The initiative is part of ‘Code a Satellite’ programme from WhiteHat Jr through a partnership with EnduroSat, a leading space service organisation
  • It’s a first of its kind programme where thousands of kids can access the live satellite to explore the space and experience working as a space scientist

New Delhi, 26 May 2022:  In its effort to introduce new learning experiences and innovation, WhiteHat Jr will be enabling its students to access a live satellite to encourage space exploration and give a first-hand experience in space science.

The satellite, named Ayana, has been developed by leading space service organisation EnduroSat with inputs from and expertise of the WhiteHat Jr team. Ayana was part of the payload carried by the SpaceX Falcon 9 rideshare rocket, launched on May 25 at 18:35 GMT, from Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. Ayana will create a one of a kind applied science opportunity for thousands of students who will be able to send commands to, and access data from a live satellite operating in space. 

WhiteHat Jr and EnduroSat partner to enable kids to “Code a Satellite”

Ayana is a result of the WhiteHat Jr’s “Code A Satellite” programme, which is designed for WhiteHat Jr students to ideate, create, and explore space with the help of Ayana. Before accessing Ayana, students will be required to possess a basic understanding of coding to ensure that they are able to unlock the true potential of the program. Students will get a unique opportunity to:

  • Track and monitor Ayana’s journey in real-time through an exclusive 90-degree camera
  • Observe Earth’s landscapes and weather
  • Understand the correlation between power and sun sensor values
  • Simulate satellite behaviour by tinkering with the sensor values

Speaking about the initiative, Ananya Tripathi, WhiteHat Jr CEO said, “We always believe in creativity, exploration and innovation – beyond the limits. Satellite and space technology are often considered out of reach and difficult to access by students. With the Code a Satellite programme, we will be able to democratise space technology and provide our students with an exceptional opportunity to interact with an orbiting satellite in real time. We are confident this will excite and encourage thousands of brilliant young minds across the globe and help them code like space scientists as they build their projects.”

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From analysing sensor data (there are 30+ sensors onboard the satellite, including infrared, temperature, solar, and gyroscopic) to controlling cameras and taking pictures, to relaying messages to and fro, the applied science opportunities that students can access are vast. More than 500 kids have already enrolled in the ‘Code-a -Satellite’ program to become space coders through this program. WhiteHat Jr is the first edtech company in India which is making live satellite accessible to children through this program.


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