Jeep Cheroke in India

The US marque Jeep has set to launch the flagship SUV 'Grand Cherokee' in India.

Jeep SUV- Fifth Generation

The latest Grand Cherokee arrives with the fifth generation of the Jeep SUV.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Deliveries

The deliveries of Jeep Grand Cherokee will  launch  in November.

Jeep- Made in India SUV

Jeep Grand Cherokee going to made in India in the manufacturing un it of auto giant in Maharashtra.

Jeep Grand Cherokee- Features

The fifth Gen rich with 33 features like vehicle monitoring, smartwatch extension, Alexa voice assistant, remote vehicle management, and 24-hour surveillance.

Jeep Grand Cherokee-  Top Specs

-10-inch Heads up display - 10.1-inch touchscreen Infotainment unit. - 10.25-inch (26-cm) instrument cluster panel  as the first available segment. - 10.25-inch (26-cm) from passenger interactive display

Jeep Grand Cherokee- Specifications

Jeep's main notable features are  Quadra-Trac | 4 x 4 System coupled management system as it provides choice in between on-and-off- road to confirm the optimum 4x4 performance.

Jeep Grand Cherokee- On Road Rivals

In the SUV segment Jeep Grand can complete  with BMW X5, Mercedes Benz GLE, Land Rover Discovery, and many more.

Jeep Grand Cherokee- Price

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee has been cost at Rs. 77.5 Lakh  to be the costiest SUV in india.