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WATCH NOW BTS Begins Youth Trailer: Fans Buzz with Excitement for Upcoming Drama

Begins Youth Trailer: BTS world is all set with its new upcoming drama Begins Youth, the trailer of this new drama was released on November 26, 2023. The trailer reveals to us the story of the lives of seven friends each battling their unique struggles, yet united by the strength of their friendship. The drama not only captivates the audience with its compelling narrative but also resonates with the ethos of BTS, portraying messages of hope, resilience, and the power of togetherness.

Begins Youth Release Date

The release date of the Begins Youth drama is not out yet, but the trailer clearly says that the release date will be coming soon, which grows eagerness among fans.

The Captivating Trailer along with Plot and Cast

The trailer of Begins Youth is a masterful blend of emotion and intrigue, introducing the audience to seven characters, each with a story that tugs at the heartstrings. It is a glimpse into a world where each character fights their battles but finds solace in the strength of their bond.

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Kim Hwan – The Sacrifice

Portrayed by Seo Ji Hoon, Kim Hwan is the axis around which the story revolves. His character, inspired by Kim Seok Jin from BTS, is the son of a politician, desperately trying to carve an identity separate from his father’s shadow. His transfer to a new school marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey and the formation of a bond with six other students.

Cein – The Rumor

Played by Ro Jong Hyun, Cein’s character is shrouded in mystery and tragedy. Accused of a heinous crime, he battles the stigma and the burden of a past that threatens to overshadow his future. Cein represents Min Yoon Gi or SUGA from BTS, portraying a struggle for redemption and truth.

Hosu – The Interest

Ahn Jo Ho brings to life Hosu, a character that epitomizes abandonment and resilience. Left at an amusement park by his mother, Hosu’s journey is about finding a family beyond blood ties, mirroring the life of Jung Ho Seok or J-Hope from BTS.

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Dogeon – The Poverty

Seo Young Joo as Dogeon represents the struggle against societal and self-imposed limitations. Inspired by Kim Nam Joon or RM from BTS, Dogeon’s pessimism and loss of dreams highlight the harsh realities many face and the light of hope that friendship brings.

Haru – The Memory

Kim Yoon Woo plays Haru, a character holding onto secrets that shape his life. Haru’s story is a journey of self-discovery and confronting the past, drawing parallels with Park Jimin from BTS.

Jooan – The Violence

Jung Woo Jin portrays Jooan, a young man grappling with the scars of a broken family. His struggle against an abusive father and the longing for a lost mother echoes the emotional depth of Kim Tae Hyung or V from BTS.

Jeha – The Control

Jeon Jin Seo as Jeha brings to the screen the turmoil of a life controlled by others. His character’s desperate need for freedom and understanding mirrors the journey of Jeon Jungkook from BTS.

Themes and Messages

Begins Youth is more than a drama; it’s a narrative that echoes the struggles of youth, the complexities of family dynamics, societal pressures, and the redemptive power of friendship. Each character’s journey is a testament to the challenges faced by many, offering a mirror to societal issues and a beacon of hope.

Fan’s Reactions to Begins Youth Trailer

Fans are buzzing with excitement over YouTube and X (formerly called Twitter) fans called the drama a ‘piece of Perfection’ and ‘Drama of the decade.’

we have noticed some of the best comments which we adding below:

“Waiting for this for 2 years.” one fan wrote.

“this is literally perfection. i cant wait to see the story in full but based on the trailer they fully encapsulate the feelings, relationships, and tone of the story perfectly.” another fan commented.

“I really got goosebumps with the trailer itself can’t wait for the series!” added another

Watch the Begins Youth Trailer Below

Begins Youth is a drama that speaks to the heart, urging its audience to find strength in togetherness, hope in despair, and light in the darkest of times. This drama is a must-watch, not just for fans of BTS, but for anyone who appreciates a story well told, reflecting the trials and triumphs of youth.


  1. What is “Begins Youth” and how is it related to the BTS Universe?

    “Begins Youth” is a drama which released a trailer on November 26, 2023, deeply rooted in the BTS Universe. It follows the story of seven friends, each battling their unique struggles, united by their friendship. The characters in the drama are inspired by the members of the popular K-pop group BTS.

  2. Which actors are playing the main characters in “Begins Youth”?

    Seo Ji Hoon plays Kim Hwan, Ro Jong Hyun portrays Cein, Ahn Jo Ho is cast as Hosu, Seo Young Joo plays Dogeon, Kim Yoon Woo takes on the role of Haru, Jung Woo Jin plays Jooan, and Jeon Jin Seo portrays Jeha.


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