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Warframe: Finally Coming To iOS Know The Release Window Here

A piece of good news for you, finally Warframe is on its way to iOS devices and its expected release date is out. We all know that Warframe is one of the most anticipated games and players were eagerly waiting for it. 

The game will be first released for iOS devices and then for other mobile phones. Want to know more about it, well then you are not alone there are millions of like you. 

That is why we have brought this guide, to tell you everything that we know about Warframe. So if you are curious about the game then please give this article a read. 

1080x360 2 Warframe: Finally Coming To iOS Know The Release Window Here

Warframe Is Coming On iOS 

Yes, you heard it right, the famous and free–to–play game based on sci – fi genre, Warframe is coming soon. And it will start with the iOS ecosystem. This is good news for all the players who were eagerly waiting for the game. 

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As we all know Warframe is a third–person shooting game and has been in a developmental phase for a long time. Now, finally, Digital Extremes, the Canadian gaming studio behind the game, has shared some information. 

In a recently shared blog post, they have revealed that the Warframe is ready to launch, and first will be Apple’s ecosystem. This game will join a long list of games like Death Stranding Director’s Cut with other games. 

As technology is advancing like never before, we are seeing a massive uplift in smartphone and mobile capabilities. Hence, more game developers are considering iOS as a good platform to tap into the wide player base. 

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Unlike gaming consoles and PCs, players can enjoy their games on their mobile phones from anywhere, at any time. So, we can say that tapping into the smartphone user base to expand the player base is a strategic move by game developers. 

What’s more exciting is that we don’t have to wait for long to get the Warframe, as it is expected to launch on the App Store on February 20, 2024. In addition to this, as appreciated lately, the game is expected to support cross–save and cross–platform play. 

This means that you can play Warframe on any platform, save your progress, and join from where you have left. In this with gaming consoles and PCs, iOS devices seem to be entering the same space. 

If you log in to the game during the launch week starting from February 20, you can get free Day 1 Login Rewards. They include Bombyx Syandana, and a 3 – Day Affinity Boosters. 


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