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So You Want to Lower Your Rent? How You Can Negotiate

You can likely assume the prices of apartments when purchasing. Sometimes people often fall for the prices that are often posted online. They believe that it is the end of the story. However, the real game is different. 

Negotiation is one of the basic elements of renting and purchasing apartments. If you want to book Apartments for rent in Fayetteville, NC, then read this article to understand better how you can negotiate.

Can you negotiate rent?

It is true that negotiation is the basic element when renting an apartment. There are many landlords that differ in how they perceive the negotiation for renting. However, it is true that you will come across a negotiation case while renting an apartment in your journey of life.

Sometimes landlords build risky rental rates, and later on, they have to break their lease. Hence, negotiation becomes a strong element for them to leverage their reliability.

How to negotiate rent?

Be polite:

Some believe that being aggressive during negotiations is appropriate. Avoid being impolite; being self-assured that you are a desirable renter is important. This is the start of a long-term relationship with your landlord, hopefully. Be courteous and obliging. You can haggle over rent being a tenant, but the best way to close the deal is with tact and diplomacy.

Explain your strengths as a renter:

One of the basic reasons why any landlord would lower their prices in apartments for rent in Fayetteville, NC, for you is that your strength as a renter is strong. You need to hold some specific qualities as compared to other participants. Either you can guarantee them multiple years stay or a gradual increase in renting.

Sometimes people with strong career opportunities also tend to get negotiation power. This simply happens because the landlord appreciates your passion. 

Let them know you have options:

You likely located a few properties you would be receptive to renting during your apartment hunt. Make sure it’s clear—in a respectful way—during your conversation about negotiating rent that their rental is one of several you’re considering. The landlord won’t feel the need to reduce the rate if they think they are your only choice.

Pick the right offer:

So you know that you can negotiate your rent, but what is the right amount to set for a negotiation rent? Make sure you’re not sitting too low so that it appears as an insult to the landlord. Moreover, don’t try to act over-smart. The landlord does not want to think that they are uninformed of the market.

You should conduct thorough research before negotiating your amount so that you understand what amount is actually acceptable for both parties. The goal is to create a win-win situation.

Leverage other properties’ amenities:

Your diplomacy must truly shine in this situation. Other locations for apartments for rent in Fayetteville in the neighbourhood have more to offer for the same or lower price, which is a strong justification for cutting rent. 

You may say, for instance, that although you’d really want to live in this apartment because it’s so close to your place of employment, another building across the street has a pool and a gym membership available for the same price. This may enable the landlord to understand how lowering the rent will influence your choice.

Offer the landlord something of value:

Sometimes you can substitute the rent amount for something else. You can provide some skill set that you have for the benefit of the landlord.

Substitutional activities like scuffing the wood floor or mowing the lawn can help you in lowering the rent amount. This ensures that you’re going to perform extra tasks that replace the rent amount. 

Be open to adjusting your lease.

Is there anything the landlord would like to change about the lease? They might be more receptive to negotiating rent if you’re willing to make concessions on those. Perhaps you can agree to a longer lease term or change the expiration date to coincide with a period when the landlord will probably have an easier time locating a new renter.

Take non-monetary concessions:

Let’s say the landlord is not willing to lower the price by any margin. Let’s look for non-monetary concessions. At this part, you need to look for value in your agreement. Look for options like extra parking space if you have extra visitors every now and then. Try to ask for an extra room so that you can sublet the area to your guests. 

Try again later:

Rent negotiations don’t have to finish on the day you sign your lease. Open a fresh line of communication with your landlord to discuss rent negotiations a few months before your lease expires if you’ve been a model tenant. 


The market rate and amount rate for the renting are the landlord’s call for apartments for rent in Fayetteville, NC. They can raise it by any margin. Moreover, it is also their call to renew or lease the apartment on their own. The only thing they need to ensure is that the tenant is getting proper notice as they are living in the apartment. It is good for you to keep a check on the current market conditions if you want to stay long-term in a given apartment.

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