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Viral once again: Lionel Messi stars in emotional YPF ad in Argentina

When you’re the greatest player in the history of football, everything you do ends up in the headlines. Lionel Messi has made a habit of doing so, but this time, he is trending for his appearance in an ad. Fans will remember his iconic Pepsi ad with Ronaldinho a few years ago, or the promotional ad for the 2022 World Cup featuring Cristiano Ronaldo. But this time, the context is even more emotional. 

In an ad for the company YPF, Messi is seen travelling the different parts of Argentina wearing a hood and drawing the lines as on the football field with a rolling machine. The hooded figure travels across several terrains on foot, struggling in some cases, before eventually arriving at the centre spot. 

Lionel Messi stars in emotional and trending YPF ad 

At this stage, Messi removes his hood and is face to face with a young child, who throws the ball he is carrying to the icon. The ad then cuts to the message – “Thank you Leo for uniting our soil with your soccer”, before zooming out to show the entire country of Argentina outlined with the white lines of the football field, with the centre circle in the middle. 

The ad is now viral in Argentina, as it pays homage to one of the greatest personalities to have ever walked the earth from the country. 

Elsewhere, Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami have already sold out season tickets for the 2024 MLS season, with fans clamouring to watch the veteran forward in action when the new campaign begins. 


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Arsh Das
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