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URL Full Form in Computer: What is a URL in 2023? (23rd September)

URL Full Form in Computer: An Internet resource can be found using a URL (Uniform Resource Locator), a special identifier. It is additionally known as a web address. A URL is the link address of an online resource, which can be either a file or a website. The web address is the term used when a URL is used with HTTP. Tim Berners-Lee invented the URL in 1994.

The Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) or URL is a specific character string that is used to access material from the World Wide Web (WWW). When you wish to visit a specific website, simply type this text into your computer browser.

URL Full Form in Computer – what is it and how do we use it?

URL Full Form in Computer
URL Full Form in Computer

Many individuals have no difficulty recalling and utilizing URLs. Nonetheless, in order for a computer to display the requested information to users, it needs specific data. Users can manually input the URL into the address bar of their web browser. If the URL does not contain a valid server, a “Server not found” error might be displayed. Similarly, if the path mentioned in the URL is incorrect, a “404 error” may appear. URLs utilize forward slashes to indicate different files or folders and do not allow spaces. Instead, dashes and underscores are used to separate the elements of the address.

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The URLs and links are not the same. Most of the time, people call “Links” when they meant “URL”. A link is a brief passage of text connected to a URL. You are taken to the page that the URL points to when you click on text. This allows you to quickly discover related online pages without having to copy and paste URLs into the browser. As a result, you save time.

URL Full Form in Computer
URL Full Form in Computer

In most browsers, if you hover your mouse over the associated URL at the bottom of the window without clicking, you should be able to view it. This makes it easier for you to anticipate where a click will take you before you actually click on it.


  1. What does the URL contain?

    It typically begins with “http://” or “https://”.
    It specifies the name or protocol of the scheme.
    It consists of a colon and double slash (//).
    It includes the host name, also known as a domain name or IP address.
    It may have a colon followed by a port number.
    It provides the full path of the resource, which can be a file or directory.

  2. What is URL Full Form in Computer?

    URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, a special identifier for our modern-day web address. Its the link address of an online resource, which can be either a file or a website.

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