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Truecaller Introduces Call Recording Feature for Android and iOS as well as AI Transcription

Truecaller has recently made an exciting announcement, unveiling the launch of a call recording feature for both its Android and iOS applications. This latest addition allows users to effortlessly record their voice calls, providing a convenient and valuable functionality. Previously, the call recording feature had been temporarily removed by Truecaller due to an issue with Google’s API.


All About Truecaller New Features

Notably, Truecaller has not only reintroduced call recording for Android devices, but has also extended this feature to iOS devices, catering to a wider range of smartphone users. With the call recording feature in place, conversations will be captured from both ends of the call, ensuring a comprehensive recording. To ensure transparency, the other party on the call will be notified of the recording through a beep sound.

It is essential to bear in mind that this call recording feature is currently exclusive to premium subscribers and is currently accessible only within the United States. However, Truecaller has plans to expand its availability to other countries in the near future, bringing this valuable feature to a global audience.

image 408 Truecaller Introduces Call Recording Feature for Android and iOS as well as AI Transcription

Let’s take a closer look at how call recording works on Android and iPhone devices. On Android, the process is relatively straightforward. If Truecaller is set as the default dialer on the device, users can simply enable call recording, and the app will automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls without any additional steps required. However, if a different dialer is utilized, users will need to tap on the floating Truecaller bubble whenever they intend to initiate call recording.

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On the other hand, recording calls on an iPhone requires a slightly more intricate approach. To record a call, users must dial a designated recording line for each conversation, and then merge the two calls to commence the recording process. When placing an outgoing call, users should initiate a call with the recording line through the Truecaller app, subsequently call the desired individual, and finally merge the two ongoing calls to activate the recording function.

image 409 Truecaller Introduces Call Recording Feature for Android and iOS as well as AI Transcription

In addition to call recording, Truecaller’s application is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that facilitate the creation of call transcripts. These transcripts offer a written summary of the call, leveraging AI algorithms to analyze and transcribe the content accurately. This enables users to quickly review and retrieve important information from their recorded conversations, enhancing productivity and convenience.


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