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Top 5 new changes in VAR rules for the 2020-21 Premier League season

After so many speculation English FA has confirmed today that Video Assistant Referee [VAR] system will stay in the 2020-21 Premier League season.

VAR was introduced in Premier League last season. There was a mixed response from all the club about its credibility. It was also rumoured that it can be abolished from the upcoming season. But FA is happy to keep VAR for one more season.

Some changes in VAR rule has been implemented for the new season:

Referee Review Area (RRA)

This will help the referees to get the right decision. A VAR screen will be established at the side of the pitch. The referee can watch the replay and give his decision about goals, red cards, and penalties.

Goalkeeper encroachment on penalty kicks

This rule will not allow the goalkeeper to comes out of his line at the time of penalty kicks. If one leg of the goalkeeper is not in the goal-line and he saves the penalty, then VAR will reward the opposition team to retake the penalty. However, if the penalty kick hits the post or misses the target then this rule will not be followed.

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Player encroachment on penalty kicks

If a player has direct impact on the ball, for example, they clear it or tap in a rebound, then only it will be seen as enroachment. It is also be judged only on a player’s foot and whether it’s in, or on, the penalty area or arc line at the edge of the box.

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Keeping the flag down for tight marginal offside calls

At the time of immediate goal-scoring opportunity, the linesman will not raise the flag and let the game go. After the end of the attack, the linesman can rise up the flag for the earlier offside offence. If the attacks end with a goal then only VAR will check the matter.


No changes in this rule. No tolerance level will be maintained. An official Premier League press released stated: “The [offside] protocol does not allow for tolerance levels.” Any playing part of the body which is past the line of the last defender will be deemed offside, including a shoulder or a small portion of the foot.

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