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Top 5 Companies Leveraging AI or VR in the Realty sector

Proptech, or “property technology,” where technology is applied to create unique solutions for the real estate market is on the rise. It includes a wide range of technology developments, software applications, and digital tools that are expressly designed to increase efficiency, transparency, and convenience in real estate transactions, property management, and related services. Proptech firms use technology like artificial intelligence, big data analytics, machine learning, virtual reality, and blockchain to transform the way properties are purchased, leased, rented, financed, and managed. Here are some of the best in the industry that enable the property industry and create meaningful solutions for consumers too.

Top 5 Companies Leveraging AI or VR in the Realty sector


Relata is a uniquely created SAAS based platform that gives real estate organisations cutting-edge tools to boost sales. It is a one-stop solution for stakeholders as it can work through lead generation, to analysing consumer behaviour, enabling the salespersons with data to finally close a deal, as well as empowering the customers with seamless payment modules. It enables property developers, realtors and brokers to sell homes faster while reaching out to a larger base of customers remotely by leveraging innovative technologies.

With a one-of-its-kind 360 degree tech-enabled digital walkthrough, Relata provides comprehensive services at one place. Here consumers can view the flat digitally, the view from it, even before it has been constructed. It also has features like digital agreements and thus can help close the deal in just 30 minutes. Reiya, the AI virtual assistant, is another asset enabling engaging conversations 24×7 in multiple Indian and foreign languages.

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Salesforce’s all-in-one CRM platform is transforming Indian organisations. It is simple to use and set up. It helps build companies that customers love, trust, and are loyal to. Salesforce is the world’s most reliable customer relationship management (CRM) platform. They assist marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams collaborate from anywhere, allowing you to keep your customers happy everywhere. Salesforce helps over 150,000 companies, large and small, grow their businesses. They use Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud to deliver comprehensive services.


NoBroker is a major proptech startup that has challenged the traditional real estate brokerage business. The website connects property owners directly with potential purchasers or tenants, removing the need for intermediaries and saving customers from costly brokerage fees. NoBroker’s huge database, innovative search engines, and AI-powered recommendations make property searches quick and easy. A majority of new age consumers have turned to this platform rather than going for the traditional property dealers of the area. With indepth research, the consumer can now be assured of best deals that are available, making the process transparent and also cheaper as they save on broker fees.


Sell.Do was founded in 2011 and has since evolved into a comprehensive integrated Real Estate CRM solution for the real estate sector. By combining marketing, sales, and customer support in one comprehensive package, they provide real estate enterprises with an advantage in automating their workflows, consequently increasing efficiency and productivity. The system integrates numerous activities into a single platform, allowing for effective lead and customer targeting based on data points. This data can be used to personalise customer interactions via automated marketing campaigns that maximise ROI on each lead or prospect!

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oho living

It is a platform that helps working professionals find suitable long-term housing as easily as booking a hotel room, a brand that teaches people how to start and run a profitable co-living business, and a working professional community. The app allows for digital check-in and KYC, including filling out forms, uploading documents, signing rent agreements, and obtaining police verification. It covers properties that area designed specifically for working professionals to relax after a long day and to access services that will help them organise their lives.

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