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The Ultimate iPad Pro M4 Setup: From ₹99,000 to a Staggering ₹305,700

With the launch of the new iPad Pro equipped with the M4 chip, Apple has once again raised the bar for what we expect from a tablet. The base 11-inch variant starts at a premium price of ₹99,000, but did you know that you can configure this sleek device on the Apple Website to reach an eye-watering total of ₹305,700?

This ultimate setup includes several high-end customizations and accessories that transform the iPad Pro from a powerful tablet into a productivity powerhouse. Here’s how it breaks down:

The Luxurious 13″ iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular

Opting for the larger 13″ iPad Pro not only gives you more screen real estate but also adds ₹30,000 to the price over the base model. The additional cost for choosing the Cellular variant is ₹20,000. This choice not only enhances your mobility with the tablet but ensures you stay connected even when Wi-Fi is out of reach.

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The Ultimate iPad Pro M4 Setup: From ₹99,000 to a Staggering ₹305,700

Massive Storage with 2TB Option

In today’s digital age, where high-resolution content and complex apps are becoming the norm, storage space is more important than ever. Upgrading to a 2TB storage option on the iPad Pro will set you back a massive ₹100,000 extra. This substantial investment ensures that you’ll have plenty of room for all your apps, documents, videos, and photos, making the tablet a true mobile workstation.

Nano-texture Glass Finish

For those who prefer a display that reduces glare without compromising on color and image quality, the nano-texture glass finish is an attractive add-on. This premium feature, costing an additional ₹10,000, offers a matte-like appearance that professionals working in brightly lit environments will appreciate.

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Essential Accessories: Apple Pencil Pro and Magic Keyboard

No ultimate iPad Pro setup would be complete without the latest accessories designed to enhance productivity and creativity. The Apple Pencil Pro, priced at ₹11,900, introduces an unparalleled level of precision and fluidity to your sketches and notes. Meanwhile, the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro 13″ (M4), which costs ₹33,900, not only provides a comfortable typing experience but also includes a trackpad, transforming your iPad into a laptop-like device.

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The Total Package

When you add it all up, including the base price of the 11-inch iPad Pro at ₹99,000, upgrading to a 13″ iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular model with 2TB storage, adding the nano-texture glass finish, and purchasing the Apple Pencil Pro and Magic Keyboard, the total comes to an astonishing ₹305,700. This configuration represents the pinnacle of what the iPad Pro can offer, tailored for those who demand the best in terms of performance, connectivity, storage, and versatility.

Screenshot 2024 05 11 at 12.19.00 PM The Ultimate iPad Pro M4 Setup: From ₹99,000 to a Staggering ₹305,700

While the price tag of this ultimate setup might be staggering, it’s a testament to the iPad Pro’s flexibility and the value it can provide to professionals across various industries. Whether you’re an artist, a writer, a programmer, or a business executive, this configuration of the iPad Pro with the M4 chip promises to be a game-changer in how you work and create on the go.

NOTE: This does not include the additional AppleCare+ coverage that can cost an additional ₹17,900!

The new iPad Pro with the M4 chip redefines what’s possible with a tablet, offering configurations that cater to the highest levels of professional use. While not everyone may need the fully maxed-out version, it’s clear that Apple is committed to providing options that meet the diverse needs and preferences of its customers.

Buy this configuration on the Apple website.


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