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The Ranji Trophy: Everything you need to know

Probably the most important cricket competition in India in terms of audience is the Indian Premier League. However, there are other highly exciting competitions that are regularly played in the country. Users can make online sports betting on 1xBet website on all these excellent championships.

Another highly regarded cricket competition that is regularly played in India is the Ranji Trophy. This competition has been going on since 1934, and is an exciting tournament that features all the different territories and states that make up the country.

The name Ranji comes from Ranjitsinhji, who was the first person born in India to ever play international cricket. When visiting the 1xBet website, users will encounter multiple options to make online sports betting on the Ranji Trophy and many other cricket cups.

History of the Ranji Trophy

The competition has been held since 1934. Users can visit – online cricket betting in India offer great odds on all the matches that are played in this championship. By far, the most successful squad in the championship has been Mumbai, which has won it on more than 40 occasions.

In fact, Mumbai has been such a powerhouse in this competition, that they managed to win the Ranji Trophy on 15 consecutive occasions. They were between the 1958-59 and the 1972-73 seasons. However, from time to time it is also possible to see squads that try to challenge Mumbai’s power. The best online cricket betting in India can be made on the 1xBet website, which features the Indian Premier League, the Ranji Trophy and many other competitions.

Representation from the entire country

Another great aspect about the Ranji trophy is that the entire country of India is represented on it. It is possible to visit 1xBet – your best live bets are available on those squads. In addition to the multi-champions Mumbai, other interesting teams include:

  • Delhi;
  • Vidarbha;
  • Gujarat;
  • and Rajasthan.

However, as it was already mentioned, Mumbai is by far the most winning team of the Ranji Trophy. In fact, any team that would want to challenge Mumbai’s leadership would need to win the trophy consecutively for many decades. However, there have been teams which have done a great job during the most recent seasons, such as Gujarat, Saurashtra, Karnataka and Rajasthan. All of this means that the Ranji Trophy is a highly exciting championship. Making your best live bets on this trophy on 1xBet can definitely be a winning decision.

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