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Tesla Engages in Talks to Establish Electric Car Factory in India

Tesla is in active talks with Indian government officials regarding the possibility of establishing its own auto parts and electronics chain in India, as reported by the Economic Times. During these discussions, there are also talks about securing incentives and tax advantages, demonstrating a revived interest from the electric car giant, the American electric vehicle manufacturer, in the Indian market.

The momentum of these meetings increased following a recent encounter between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Tesla CEO Elon Musk while the Prime Minister was on his visit to the United States.


All About Tesla’s Plans

Sources familiar with the matter, cited by ET, reveal that discussions have included the potential of an annual production capacity of 500,000 vehicles and a starting price of 2 million rupees. Despite the government’s request for Tesla to evaluate the existing auto-component supply chain within India, Tesla is determined to develop its own supply chain ecosystem in the country.

A senior government official, who chose to remain anonymous, disclosed that the electric car maker has been asked about its specific requirements and encouraged to consider sourcing from the Indian ecosystem. However, the official acknowledged that Tesla already has a well-established network of suppliers, making these initial talks critical for progress.

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image 310 Tesla Engages in Talks to Establish Electric Car Factory in India

Aside from engaging with the government, the company has been meeting with industry executives in India. During a recent event hosted by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) in the capital, Tesla conveyed its intention to bring its own suppliers to India.

While SIAM highlighted the presence of experienced and established Indian component manufacturers and advocated for their inclusion, Tesla reaffirmed its preference for an “all in-house” approach. The company stressed that its distinctive quality standards can only be replicated through its existing partners.

image 311 Tesla Engages in Talks to Establish Electric Car Factory in India

These discussions between the car giant and the Indian government reflect the growing interest of global automakers in India’s electric vehicle market. India has been actively promoting the adoption of electric vehicles as a means to reduce pollution and decrease reliance on fossil fuels. The government has introduced several initiatives and incentives to attract investments in the electric vehicle sector and foster the development of essential infrastructure.


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