Monday, February 6, 2023

TCS to offer quantum computing lab on AWS

The IT giant of India and the globe, Tata Consultancy Services has recently declared that it will be offering its quantum computing lab on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its enterprise customers. As we know, quantum computing is the next breakthrough in the industry and its immense power to solve complex problems will help businesses long term.

Knowing this, TCS with its own quantum computing lab will host on AWS for its enterprise customers who want to crunch numbers and solve complex business problems. This will be powered by Amazon Braket, a fully managed quantum computing service offered by AWS, so, this will allow these enterprises to test quantum algorithms and simulated quantum computers running on the AWS platform.

TCS to offer quantum computing lab on AWS: What to expect?

The IT company stated that it will combine its “deep domain knowledge” and “tech expertise” with the power of qubits or quantum bits to help customers build solutions for risk evaluation, secure communication ecosystems, and predict customer behaviour. TCS is said to have started its quantum computing investments four years ago and since then has filed two patents as well.


Obviously, quantum computing is totally different when compared to traditional computing because, based on the laws of quantum physics, in this type of computing, the operations can harness the phenomena of quantum mechanics, such as superposition, interference, and entanglement. Undoubtedly, these quantum computers cost millions of dollars and offering them as a service to government institutions, and agencies and for research makes sense.

“The TCS Quantum Computing Lab on AWS enables customers to evaluate with agility, the true potential of what quantum technology can realize for their core business operations. It provides a collaborative ecosystem to ideate, incubate, and test new ideas on Amazon Braket,” Krishna Mohan, Global Head, of AWS Business Unit at TCS said in a statement. 

via Mint

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