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TCL NXTWEAR S XR Glasses: The Future is here

TCL‘s screens can be found on TVs, cellphones, and possibly in the metaverse in the near future. The company at least aims to create the screen that takes you there. The business will present its wearable display research, along with a Virtual reality headset as well as mixed reality spectacles, at CES 2023.

Additionally, its personal display glasses, which have only been offered in a few regions, are currently on their way to the US. It’s sort of a “cover all your bases” approach for whatever the state of display technology is going to be in the future.

All about TCL’s Latest Technology

The organization’s NXTWear S glasses are the most recent iteration of its wearable display, which functions much like a TV hidden inside a pair of conventional-looking spectacles. They haven’t augmented reality or virtual reality glasses; instead, they connect to a laptop, phone, or other device and project media onto what appears to be a 130-inch screen.

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This quarter, the NXTWear S spectacles will be available in the US for $399. If Lenovo’s Glasses T1, which are extremely similar, are headed for the US at all, they’ll probably arrive before ours.

2 7 TCL NXTWEAR S XR Glasses: The Future is here

The RayNeo X2 glasses offer a different perspective on the future because they are made for augmented reality. They display heads-up information in the wearer’s field of vision, such as navigation and language translation, using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 platform with a full-colour Micro LED optical waveguide display.

They are suited for both indoor and outdoor use, according to TCL, and have a brightness of up to 1,000 nits. According to today’s press release, the business intends to deliver them to devs early this year, with a commercial launch coming later.

3 6 TCL NXTWEAR S XR Glasses: The Future is here

Though still in concept form, the company’s NXTWear V headset is a bit further off. With such a 1512ppi pixel density, it provides a 108-degree field of view. Approximately half as much as the Oculus Quest 2, according to TCL, it weighs only 236 grams.

Although comparing the Quest 2 to the NXTWear V, which isn’t yet commercially available, isn’t exactly apples to apples, it does reveal some of TCL’s conceptual goals. There will undoubtedly be a need for lighter, more affordable VR headsets if virtual reality is to become widely used. Furthermore, TCL still offers a display for your face if it doesn’t catch on.

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