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Tata Motors brings Tata CURVV SUV, Kept Their Promise of ‘Discover Different’

At last, the wait is over the top homegrown automaker Tata Motors starts its live stream on 6th April 2022, at 12 AM IST. For a few days, Tata Motors create many mysteries, many rumors about their latest Electric SUV. Tata Motors already reveals a short teaser video reveals on their social media account.

 The new teaser video opens with a short glimpse of a fantastic design that is equipped with sharply-cut air dams. If you give a close look at the teaser then you can see a sloping roofline that provides a sporty design to the vehicle. The teaser comes with a caption about the model ‘Different is electrifying, different is stunning, different is dynamic. Discover different’.

Today Tata Motors reveals an 11-minute long trailer that starts with mystery, excitement, and suspense. The reveals a car that has been covered with black cloth, the background music of the show literally high the excitement of the viewers, a  white light slowly focuses on the car and also become dark, making the ambiance very fishy and suspicious. After blinking for 2 and a half minutes, the trailer shows the car from the side face and started the countdown that feels like all the mysteries and rumors are going to an end.

Tata Concept CURVV electric SUV revealed, will sit above Nexon EV: Price,  range, specs and more here | Car News

Tata CURVV: Trailer

The trailer introduces Mr. Shailesh Chandra, who is the Managing Director of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility. He gives a warm welcome to all the customers of Tata. He starts about the last time launch of India’s first subcompact SUV Tata Punch, the car was relay awesome, after launching the car, the customers have shown huge love and response to the car and this response excite them to work hard and become India’s first SUV brand.

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As an Indian SUV brand, it is seriously a great achievement of Tata motors. He also reveals that the SUV  sales in India have been pioneered by Tata Motors with unique products just as Sierra and Safari. In March Tata Motors sold 3,357 units.

Tata Curvv electric SUV concept unveiled in India. Check details

He also opens up the secret of their success to become the leader in the SUV space as it is the outcome of approaching each of the sub-segments carefully and also includes some different features that make the car very unique. The new SUV offers strong value positions for the customers along the segment, and the car will be upgraded from the inside out safety from the core, sporty design, and also an amazing driving experience, they think all of the factors will be able to entertain customers and that provide a sporty finishing in each segment.

Tata Punch in category creator offering uniquely some subcompact footprint provide high SUV capabilities, and definitely passenger comfort.

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Tata Nexon was the first product to break the design with safety conventions as a compact SUV vehicle. In a short period, Nexon has become very popular and people give huge love to the car. After that, he starts to tell about Tata Harries and Safari, the two amazing SUVs that were built with modern technology.

Tata Curvv concept SUV car introduced in India; Here's the complete detail  - Smartprix

Now Mr. Shailesh Chandra going to add that mysterious SUV to their team. The new SUV contains a futuristic design, accelerating performance. The SUV is enough big for a family tour. The most interesting fact is the car is manure in congested city road after the blue parts of the car literally take all the focus of anyone.

This SUV comes as the first EV containing an ICE engine subsequently, now he introduce the car design that starts with a backlight covering the entire back of the car and the batch of Tata has been attached at the middle. The front view of the car is seriously awesome as it is made of metal, there is a white light on two sides of the lower front of the car.  The trailer reveals an LED light bar that extends the way to ORVMs.

Tata Motors introduced the Tata CURVV concept. This is mainly the departure from the products like  Nexon and Tigor.

Tata Motors Showcases Its Gen 2 Electric SUV, The Curvv | The Financial  Express

Tata CURVV: Features

The head of the design reveals their plan as they want to make a  car that is dynamic, elegant, and sporty. He explains it is a high-power generating car. The car has quite a large view, the command driving position. The surfaces of the car are made cleanly and definitely sufficient which makes it more sporty. The surfaces  of the car are manufactured with headland  architecture and squared up the backend

The car has a strong aerodynamic concept passing through the SUV. This latest floating bonnet allows the airflow to the channel underneath, the triangular features up to the surface. It has a  strong C-pillar continuing the theme with airflow along the body side that extends into the pillar.

The wheels contain an aeroblade in the open area that can allow better airflow along the surface and it makes the car more dynamic and sporty. This EV also offers class-leading dimensions. The entire cabin of the car is augmented by a panorama sunroof to get the feeling of light. The EV’s slim top DRL and triangular headlamp design provide a recognizable signature and introduce an animated welcome feature.

Tata Electric SUV Concept Price, Photos, Specs, Features unveil LIVE  Updates | Car News

The designers also give the same importance to the interior as the exteriors as the company tries to create a technology-focused product as the car emphasizes two screens at the top portion of the instrument panel one is for giving information and the other is giving the information needs only the driver. The EV has a heater control facility by touching the screen interface the control switch seriously looks awesome.

The steering wheel is the next-generation steering wheel made on the digital platform in which the logo has been placed in the center with two switches on two sides of the steering wheel so that the driver can communicate the interface and the product as well as he could. The color of the material, and the seat chosen to give that sporty feel to the customers.

It is unfortunate that the company has not said any word about the battery capacity, range, or prices of the car.

Here is the trailer:

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