Thursday, August 18, 2022

Tag: IMDb

The Pogmentary: Paul Pogba’s documentary rated as the lowest-rated show on IMDb

The Pogmentary is the new documentary based show on the famous football player Paul Pogba. The show was released on Amazon Prime Video the last week. The series shows us insight into...

IMDb’s Top 10 Anime Series and Movies

IMDb is always the most trusted, popular, and reliable source for movies, anime, and TV series. It always shows us which movie, anime, or TV series has been rated how much by...

Spider-Man: No Way Home made it to the list of Top 10 Best-Rated Movies on IMDb

The recently released Spider-Man : No Way Home had made it huge in the box office and is an indicator of its pop-culture footprint. It is really rated high on IMBD and...

Top 10 most anticipated films of 2022 as per IMDb

Recently IMDb has released its list of most anticipated films of 2022. This whole list was been made on the basis of the views they have received on their teasers and trailers,...

Top 10 Web Series of 2021 as per IMDb

In this recent time, almost everything is becoming digital. Recently IMDb has revealed the top 10 web series of the 2021 list so that no one faces any problem choosing what one...
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