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Top 10 Institutes in India: Framework 2023 Report (8th December)

India's education system boasts a diverse range of institutions that offer exceptional academic programs and contribute to the country's intellectual and professional growth. In...

IIT Guwahati now accepting Online Bachelors in Data Science and AI

The field of data science is experiencing significant growth due to rapid advancements in technology, big data, and software. Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged...

Chemin Esports in association with FEAI Collegiate program is organizing its campus connect program at IIT Guwahati from 2nd to 5th February 2023

One of the leading Esports & Talent management organizations in India, Chemin Esports, in association with FEAI is organizing its next campus connect program...

Drones deployed by an Indian Startup to disinfect Public Places

More than two thousand COVID-19 positive cases are detected in India till now and these figure is increasing exponentially. Even though the lockdown...

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