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Sweet Tooth (Season 2): Netflix has Confirmed the Estimated Release Date and Filming Status of the Fantasy Series

After several delays and waiting for Sweet Tooth season, 2 is set to hit on Netflix in 2023. At first, the DC comic series set to hit on Netflix back in 2021, and provided a swift season 2, a big thanks to the long production process. The new Netflix original fantasy series revolving around the DC comic book of the actual name written by Jeff Lemire hit on Netflix on 4th June 2021. At first, the series was ordered by Hulu, but after developing for two years, it was handed over to Netflix. It will arrive from Warner Brothers Television, DC Entertainment, and also Team Downey. 

This upcoming season has set in a post-apocalyptic future where the terrible pandemic has wiped out the world’s population. It also depicts the birth of hybrid children. The main center of the story is Gus who is a young boy who has a half-human body and half deer living in a remote location with his father. 

Sweet Tooth(Season 2): Geeked Week 

It has been informed that the filming had been officiality completed on season 2 of the series. It’s great that the filming ends before the time it’s scheduled with the original filming date and is expected to be on 10th June 2022. 

Shortly, Nonso Anozie spoke about the filming and concludes by saying: 

“It’s been a long journey and it’s been very hard work but it’s been amazing fun and I can’t wait to share with you what happens in season 2.” 

Dania Ramirez who has played Aimee in the series added: 

“The stakes are higher, the battles are bigger, [and] the mean guys are meaner.” 

Sweet Tooth(Season 2): Renewal Status 

After getting the renewal on Netflix the series just needed to put in the numbers and when we have never known the exact figures that were needed for the show to become a hit, it clearly met the right level and thus it has been renewed for the second season. 

According to FlixPatrol, this series has been shown as a hit in every region of Netflix. This year also has seen that the most series that can still be a stick in the list of top 10s in at least one region for the next 300 days have become a new season. 

This show belonged on the top list in the U.S. for 30 days. In the U.K., that number was 32 days. It has been monitored in every region of Netflix suggests the series that was a hit around the world. 

For two weeks, it had remained in the second number in the world for 2 weeks. The Q2 earnings of Netflix have revealed the number of people to be sampled for the series. They also have exposed that 60,000,000 households are to be checked out the show in the first 28 days of global streaming. 

Week PeriodHours Viewed(M)
July 4th, 2021 to July 11th, 202113,100,000
June 27th, 2021 to July 4th, 202121,350,000

The series performed very well along with a 7.4 user score on Metacritic and a 78 from the critics. O IMDb, the show enhances a 7.9. 

Nielson has also featured the show four times in the top 10s, with a record of 3,213 million minutes watched thus far. 

In the end, the show has come with a note saying: 

“To a very special fan of a very special show. You’re amongst the very first to hear that Sweet Tooth has been renewed for Season 2.” 

w4 Sweet Tooth (Season 2): Netflix has Confirmed the Estimated Release Date and Filming Status of the Fantasy Series

After one hour, it was confirmed that season 2 of Sweet Tooth going to happen. 

The first major bit of news alongside the announcement was that the second season would fill eight-hour-long episodes. In a statement, Jim Mickle said about the renewal: 

“It’s been equally thrilling and heartwarming to experience how people around the world have been falling in love with our deer-boy. We couldn’t be more excited to continue our collaboration with Netflix and keep following Gus and his friends on their extraordinary journey.” 

Oanh Ly going to collaborate in season 2 as a co-executive producer. 

sw2 Sweet Tooth (Season 2): Netflix has Confirmed the Estimated Release Date and Filming Status of the Fantasy Series

Sweet Tooth(Season 2): Expectations 

As the show is still following the story of the comics quite closely, it seems that a huge amount of story has been left to tell.  

Finally, we have come to know about the mother of Gus so we could be able to watch their voyage north. It is assumed that she is up there in search of a cure. At the end of season 1 Gus had been caught by The Last Men, along with the plan to protect him, and also the other children look to be similar in action. In this, it has seen that the Big Man although staring like a wounded looks for surviving his wounds. 

In the first season, we have seen the spread of devastating virus spread across the world and the wake led of the virus increased the number of hybrid humans, babies born partly human and partly animal. If the rising of the hybrids is the effect of that virus, then several remaining humans try to hunt the hybrids. A little hybrid named Gus comes out of his forest sanctuary with his lone wanderer Jepperd, and they travel together along the remains of America to find the answers. 

 It also reveals the lost sister of Bear who is Pigtail. The son of Jepperd seems to be the black sheep seen in brief in the crew of the imprisoned hybrids with Gus. At first, it had believed that Birdie is dead but is still alive Alaska and Bear become able to contact her through the satellite smartphone. 

It seems that we will come to know more about the sources of the virus that caused the mutations in the first place. The information might not be seen divulged in this series but it had eventually become revealed in issue 26 of the comics. 

Sweet Tooth (Season 2): Appearance at DC Fandome 

We will like to inform you that this DC Fandome is basically the fan event that has provided the first looks and also news surrounding all the things DC. It is reported that Warner Bros. Television will launch a look at the new seasons of Batwoman, the Flash, Superman & Lois, and Sweet Tooth.  The super girl will get a farewell after the epic conclusion of the six seasons. It is still unknown what we will be going to know about the series. It seems to be something tiny like some concept art but provided the series does not get underway with the film until early 2022. This series will not be part of Netflix’s TUDUM for the 25th September 2021, lineup. 

sw3 1 Sweet Tooth (Season 2): Netflix has Confirmed the Estimated Release Date and Filming Status of the Fantasy Series

Sweet Tooth (Season 2): New Cast 

The makers have underway the casting of the new seasons this August and September 2021. It seems that the range of the casting of such the latest hybrids is. In late August, the series cast four new hybrid faces. 

Finn Fox 

It is a hybrid human who has ears of red fur like the fox and a bushy tail Sly and Wary, as he is definitely the new one to this hybrid family. He is the mixture of good and bad of humans, but he is definitely not that much trustful at times, also to the hybrids like Gus. He is very brave, confident, and also a little sneaky, as he has been tricked up his sleeve. The parents were always taught to speak before they become died, but he does not seem to be polished. 

Wally Walrus 

This hybrid man has big tusks, little flippers, and deep, expressive eyes. He is the latest in the family of hybrids. He misses so much his adoptive mother. Aimee has been very busy working to give him a comfortable life with the group. He has a phobia of the dark so he feels struggles to sleep without a night light. He just speaks like the song of lyrics. 

Haley Mockingbird 

This hybrid woman has a beak and walks with skinny, story-like legs. The hybrid girl is a very spirited, impatient child who gives such opinions and not is afraid to show them. She talks very limited words. The way she speaks is like angry bird songs or rage tweets. She has a talent for mimicry of words and the voices of others with perfection. She is a sort of argument and troublemaker for the others. 

Jo Jo Cat 

This hybrid woman has a wide eye with docile, she is very interested in people and puzzles. If she stays in the cage, she just has tried to squeeze out. It seems that if she has seen any light or moving people, she becomes transfixed by the action. She is very fond of curling up the ball and all day spent taking naps. After the Sunset she becomes busy playing with her siblings. She can move lightning-fast and runs along the circle with her playmates. She prefers to groom her hair and also he oversized ears. She does not like humans and also other animals. 

We can see there are several castings for season2 of sweet Tooth containing: 

Caden Dragomer as Earl, Craig Hall as Marlin, Enroll Shand as Rufus, and Amie Donald as Maya Monkey. 

Sweet Tooth (Season 2): Filming Updates 

The production really takes a long time, we can confirm that shooting for season 2 started in January 2022 and ran right through to the summer. 

 Variety Insight has confirmed that the show was originally scheduled to end filming on  31st May 2022.  

Season 1 was under production for 135 days across 72 sets.  We can say that 100% of the show is filmed in New Zealand which will be the same again for season 2. The entire season 2 was filmed in Auckland and Warkworth in New Zealand. 

On 18th January 2022, Christian Convery shared on Instagram that they were back on set. Alongside the photo was the caption: “So good to be back with my awesome homie and Stunt Double @liamjreynoldss Let’s do this!” 

Convery also spoke during the production to Tresa Magazine about reuniting with the cast to film season 2 where he said: 

“Reuniting with the cast for filming Season 2 was AMAZING! The anticipation of seeing each other again was so exciting as we all made a great effort to keep in contact with phone calls, FaceTime, and text messages and see each other when we could! I think being able to hang out with each other when not filming was also a great indication of just how special our Sweet Tooth family is.” 

According to the Geeked Week coverage filming was concluded in early June 2022. 

In October 2022, we got a small update through Christian Convery who was still in New Zealand but working on the ADR for the series. We will like to know you that ADR stands for Automated dialogue replacement that’s the process of re-recording an actor’s dialogue in a quiet environment, during post-production. 

w5 Sweet Tooth (Season 2): Netflix has Confirmed the Estimated Release Date and Filming Status of the Fantasy Series

Susan Downey shares the reason behind choosing New Zealand for the production of Sweet Tooth, saying: 

“Filming in New Zealand gave us a really beautiful and exaggerated landscape that played perfectly into the look we were going for because unlike many post-apocalyptic stories where everything’s kind of gray and dusty with crumbling buildings, the central idea for Sweet Tooth was that nature was reclaiming everything. We created this idea of “storybook dystopia, “meaning everything had to be lush and green and heightened. The setting was absolutely perfect for the storytelling.”  

Sweet Tooth(Season 2): Release Date 

It has been predicted that season 2 might squeeze onto Netflix in 2022 but now, the scenario is the opposite. We are expecting season 2 of Sweet Tooth on Netflix sometime in Q1 or Q2 of 2023. Peter Friedlander has confirmed through a variety of interviews that the second season might debut on Netflix in 2023. 

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