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Succession (Season 4): Everything We Need to Know about the Fourth Season of the Series 

Last winter Succession unleashed the third season of the HBO Max series that left viewers hungrier with several seasons.  The creator of the show is the famous British writer Jesse Armstrong, who is also popular for The Thick of It, Peep show, and In the Loop. The darkly comic drama already follows media and entertainment mogul Logan Roy as Brian Cox, the patriarch of the wealthy and strong Roy family and head of the giant conglomerate popular as Waystar RoyCo as he is running his worldwide empire.

We have such constant thorns in his side are his self-obsession and uniquely required children Kendall, Shiv, Roman, and Connor. Each and every episode is such a constant game of mental chess, and though the Roy kids might think they can outsmart their aging father, Logan is always thinking about one or three—moving ahead. 


The Season 3 finale film many such unpredictable moments, while the whole family comes together in Italy for Logan’s ex-wife Caroline’s wedding. Kendall refreshed an overdose that was plotting some exposing Instagram posts based on Waystar RoyCo and the business of his father’s dealings. Connor was desperately trying to hold onto Willa with his uncomfortable girlfriend, and Roman and Shiv were trying to prove themselves like legitimate business forces to become reckoned with. Tom Wambsgans, Shiv’s helpless husband just off doing the silly Forbes profile piece.” 

Succession (Season 3): Ending Explained 

The umbrella threat to the Roy kids is Lukas Mattson as Alexander Skarsgård, tech CEO of GoJo. Logan waffles from scene to scene about whether or not he should sell his company to the Swedish streaming giant, which not only terrifies his children but swiftly reminds them that they are, in the grand scheme of things, incredibly unimportant. Watching Kendall, Roman, Shiv, and Connor try to talk and bond like mature adult siblings and concoct a plan to overthrow their dad is like watching a sad bunch of corrupt Avengers’ feeble attempts to assemble. 

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While the kids try to solidify a plan and play telephone with several people in Logan’s circle, Logan is secretly finalizing his succession plans rather smoothly. On the way to confronting Logan once and for all about his exclusive business dealings, Kendall, Shiv, and a reluctant Roman discuss the best ways to verbally attack. Shiv of course wants to go in with more bark than bite, Kendall is somewhat out of it, and Roman wants to take the lead carefully.

Roman might be a screwball, but he seems to be the only one willing to admit their harsh reality when he asks, “We don’t know how this is going to play out just yet…I mean, can we even actually stop him?” But, Kendall is adamant that, because of a holding company deal that came out of Logan and Caroline’s divorce, Logan legally can’t sell the company without his children’s input. Right? 

suc3 Succession (Season 4): Everything We Need to Know about the Fourth Season of the Series 

It turns out, Logan finds unlikely allies in his ex-wife and bumbling son-in-law, Tom. Shiv, Roman, and Kendall are fairly certain that they have their father tied up, but Logan breaks the news to them that he and Caroline decided that the holding deal was a bit “antiquated” and that they reworked it so that Logan has the final and only say in what happens to his company.

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In short, Logan can sell his company and his children will—gasp—have to actually earn their keep? But how did Logan even know that this failed coup was going to happen? When Shiv told Tom on the way to the sneak attack, Tom tipped off Logan. Now, who’s number one in daddy’s eyes? 

Succession (Season 4): Logan Roy Is Still In Charge 

The Season 4 teaser trailer charges up to its title and hints at the chaos to come. Nevertheless, there is a lot to decipher. Accompanying composer Nicholas Britell’s mystifying score is the roaring sound of helicopters (a Roy staple) and the voiceover of a calm yet bitter Logan speaking about how everyone tries to turn against him, no matter the circumstances. He looks out his window to the city—his city—and reminds us that he is the true skyscraper. Everyone else is merely taking up space and too drunk on their made-up power to see who is really in charge. “I’m a hundred feet tall. These people are pygmies.” 

There are several snapshots of all our favorite characters. In one scene, we see the aftermath of what was surely a tense conversation between Logan and his current inner circle which consists of Tom, Nicholas Braun as Greg, J. Smith-Cameron as Gerri, Peter Friedman as Frank, David Rasche as Karl, and Zoe Winters as Ketty.

Logan leaves the room in an “I’m surrounded by toddlers” sort of way and is likely questioning yet again who he should trust. Despite feeling excluded and belittled in the Season 3 finale, the newly-engaged Connor seems quite high on the inclusion by his distraught siblings.  

s8 Succession (Season 4): Everything We Need to Know about the Fourth Season of the Series 

Season 4 of the Emmy-winning series, filmed in Norway, is slated to premiere in the Spring of 2023. Several guest stars and supporting characters were confirmed to return, including Dagmara Domińczyk, Alexander Skarsgård, Arian Moayed, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Justin Kirk, Cherry Jones, Hope Davis, Juliana Canfield, and Stephen Root. 

Succession (Season 4): Release Date

The fourth season will hit 2023 only on HBO Max. 

Here is the trailer: 

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