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Samsung Profits Decline as the Market for Gadgets Drops

The largest producer of memory chips, smartphones, and TVs predicted that its operating profit for the time period will drop to about 4.3tn won ($3.4bn; £2.8bn). The worldwide economic recession has an impact on the cost of memory chips as well as the market for electronic gadgets.

All throughout the world, technology companies have recently been hit hard as consumers tighten their purse strings. It fell short of investors’ expectations of about 5.9 trillion won and was Samsung‘s worst quarterly profit since 2014. The South Korean manufacturer reported a greater-than-anticipated drop in demand for chips as consumers reduced their stockpiles of the vital parts for digital devices.

Samsung Profits Decline as the Market for Gadgets Drops

Samsung’s Profit Drop

For the three months ending December 31st, 2022, Samsung has officially announced its financial guidance, and it’s not good news for the South Korean technology behemoth. The data indicate that Samsung may have recently experienced its least profitable quarter in eight years, according to Reuters, as the global economic slowdown affects the company’s core chip manufacturing and consumer tech sectors.

According to estimates, operating profit decreased from 13.87 trillion Korean won ($10.9 billion) to 4.3 trillion Korean won ($3.4 billion) over the course of the year, a decrease of more than two-thirds. To 70 trillion Korean won (about $55.1 billion), sales decreased by a more manageable 9 percent.

2 9 Samsung Profits Decline as the Market for Gadgets Drops

The economic downturn has had an impact on several aspects of Samsung’s operations. Increasing borrowing rates are making it more difficult for customers to afford high-end smartphones and other technology, and declining industry prices for memory chips have hurt Samsung’s memory chip division.

Samsung’s performance is viewed as a barometer of the health of the larger consumer technology industry because it is the largest producer of smartphones, TVs, and memory chips in the world. Sure enough, competitor LG’s fourth-quarter earnings projection, which was also revealed today, includes some similarly unsettling figures. Despite a 5.2 percent increase in revenue, LG anticipates that operating profit fell by a staggering 91.2 percent in the fourth quarter, resulting in an overall decline of 12.6 percent for 2022.


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