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Spotify’s Latest Experiment: Video Learning Courses Now Available in UK

Spotify users in the United Kingdom now have a type of content on the platform in addition to music, podcasts, and audiobooks; online courses. The company has introduced a test feature that brings video-based lessons from BBC Maestro, Skillshare, Thinkific, and PlayVirtuoso directly to Spotify desktop apps. This trial is currently only available in the UK with no guarantee of a release.


The All New Spotify Video Leearning Feature

Although offering courses may seem unusual for a platform mainly focused on content, Spotify Product Director, Mohit Jitani explains that there is a growing interest in educational content among Spotify users especially through podcasts. Therefore the platform sees value in exploring options.

The streaming platform’s goal is not only to help course providers reach people but also to effectively target potential learners based on their listening preferences. The courses are divided into four categories; music creation, creativity, business skills, and personal wellness.

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image 39 217 jpg Spotify's Latest Experiment: Video Learning Courses Now Available in UK

Users can find these courses through an icon on the home screen of Spotify apps or by using the search and browsing features. Jitani emphasizes the ease of adding courses to the app, which removes the necessity for users to download apps and switch between them.

Regarding its business strategy, the platform follows a freemium model offering a selection of video lessons for free to both premium subscribers with the choice to buy the course. However, due to platform regulations and transaction fees, in-app purchases are not supported on iOS devices. Instead, users are directed to complete purchases through platform’s web interface.

image 39 216 jpg Spotify's Latest Experiment: Video Learning Courses Now Available in UK

While the availability of course content is currently in the testing phase, it’s worth considering how learning opportunities might align with Spotify’s rumored “Supremium” subscription tier, which could bundle various premium features, including access to lossless-quality streaming and extended audiobook listening hours, alongside potential access to online courses as an additional incentive for users to upgrade.

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  1. How do you access Spotify’s new video learning courses?

    You can access the video learning courses through a new icon on Spotify’s mobile app home screen or via the search and browse interfaces within the app.

  2. Are the video learning courses free?

    While Spotify provides two free video lessons per course, accessing the full course requires a fee for both free and premium subscribers.


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