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Spotify Beta Tests Music Videos: Select Countries Gain Access to New Feature

Spotify has just launched beta testing for music videos in its app giving a number of testers in 11 countries access to full-length music videos. To use this feature testers need to have a Spotify Premium subscription. Here are the key points:


All You Need to Know About Spotify Music Videos

Music videos on Spotify are now available on Android, iOS, desktop, and smart TVs. The beta testing phase is currently limited to 11 countries like the UK, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Brazil, Colombia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Kenya. More countries may be added based on user feedback. It’s worth mentioning that not all tracks will have music videos on Spotify at this time. The official announcement mentions that the video catalog is still growing and includes songs by artists like Ed Sheeran, Ice Spice, and Doja Cat well as content from local talents such as Aluna and Asake.

image 29 49 jpg Spotify Beta Tests Music Videos: Select Countries Gain Access to New Feature

To watch music videos on Spotify for supported tracks users will see a “Switch to Video” option, in the Playing interface. Simply tap this button to switch seamlessly from audio to video for that track. The video will start playing from the start. If you want to watch it in fullscreen just turn your device sideways. To go back, to audio, you can simply tap the “Switch to Audio” button.

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image 29 50 jpg Spotify Beta Tests Music Videos: Select Countries Gain Access to New Feature

This feature works similarly to how it’s done in the YouTube Music app making it easy to switch between audio music video modes with a tap. However, unlike YouTube Music, Spotify plays the music video from the beginning rather than from the current timestamp upon toggling. While Apple Music also supports music videos, it lacks a smooth transition between audio and video modes. Instead, it features a dedicated section for playing music videos and does not offer the option to switch between audio-only and music-video formats on the fly.


  1. How do you become a Spotify beta tester for music videos?

    Spotify hasn’t provided details on joining the beta testing program yet. Keep an eye on announcements for updates.

  2. Will Spotify bring music videos to more countries?

    Spotify plans to expand music video availability based on feedback. Stay tuned for updates on new regions.


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