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Sony SRS-XV900 Wireless Party Speaker review: Big, Bold and Beautiful

  • Big, bold and powerful party speaker
  • Distortion free Omni-Directional sound and lighting
  • Heavy bass thanks to 6 tweeters
  • Intuitive connectivity and seamless integration
  • Good Battery Life
  • No hands-free voice assistant
  • Price is on the higher side

Sony launched their premium SRS-XV900 X-Series Portable Wireless Party Speaker in India last month for ₹79,990 and retailed for ₹74,990 along with other bank offers across all major e-commerce stores and offline stores. It is a new-age prominent party speaker made for those who love to listen to loud music and often party with their friends!

It’s such a huge speaker that I couldn’t even lift it by myself as it’s a pretty heavy one, one of the largest tower speakers I have ever seen. At first, I was a bit tensed seeing such a huge package but found out that this is Sony’s one of the biggest speakers out there money can buy you.

Sony SRS-XV900 Wireless Party Speaker review: Big, Bold and Beautiful

This Sony SRS-XV900 looks and feels premium, with a new-age design that clicks pretty well and falls in line with its existing XP500 and XP700 speakers. However, this is the big daddy of all-party speakers both in terms of size and sound, the best among the Sony X series range. So, having used this for over two weeks, here is a complete review of this Portable Wireless X-Series Bluetooth Party speaker:


Sony SRS-XV900 Wireless Party Speaker Specifications

  • Omni Directional Party sound & Light: Feel the beat of your track in Every Corner with Powerful Omni Directional Sound
  • X Balanced Speaker: It provides power, clarity, and distortion-free sound
  • TV Sound Booster: Lets you enjoy the enhanced sound of audio-visual contents
  • Built-in Battery: Now you can enjoy music non-stop with upto 25hrs of battery life
  • Quick Charge: A quick 10-minute charge is all you need for up to 3 hours of music.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Stream wirelessly via BLUETOOTH or via a wired 3.5 mm jack
  • Karaoke & Guitar Input: Karaoke & Guitar Input to unleash your inner POP Star
  • The Fiestable app enhances the mood with cool effects
  • Application Support: Personalized sound control via the Sony | Music Center app
  • USB Play and charge devices: Plug in and play music with USB connectivity, and you can use it to charge up your other devices

Design and Build Quality

Sony has made this SRS-XV900 Wireless Party Speaker look pretty unique in-line with its existing X-Series, but the tallest out of all with a 34.75-inch in height, yes it’s this big. However, taking 16-17 inches in length and width it can easily get accommodated into any room, say at the corners or even beside the TV in your living room.

Weighing about 26.6Kg you will need people to help you set this big boy up and once done, Sony has taken care of the rest. Like any other Sony product, there is no compromise in terms of build quality or design and though my room is not so big but in bigger rooms, and spaces, this Sony SRS-XV900 part speaker has its own aura.

Like other Sony party speakers, on this SRS-XV900 speaker too, the Japanese giant has beefed up the lighting to make the experience even more charismatic. Most of us could easily immerse ourselves in ambient light that fills our space with color with omnidirectional party lighting.

sony8new Sony SRS-XV900 Wireless Party Speaker review: Big, Bold and Beautiful

You can customize the lighting as per your mood, choice or ambience, easily from the big touch panel that’s above the speaker, again a unique aspect that Sony has implemented pretty well. The big touch panel lets you use core functionalities easily, with it you can change modes, settings, and lighting with just a touch.

Coming with wheels and a convenient built-in handle, the XV900 is ready to go where you go but yes you cannot carry it alone. Overall, this is a premium-looking party speaker that deserves its credit obviously and Sony has implemented this very well, beautifying your living space or anywhere you carry it party gets started!

Sony SRS-XV900

Sound Quality

Coming to the sound quality of this Sony SRS-XV900 Wireless Party Speaker has this non-circular diaphragm that helps to provide more sound pressure and less distorted sound by maximizing the area of this X-Balanced speaker. On the other hand, the jet bass booster gives deep paunchy bass and there you have a total of 6 tweeters around the front, sides & rear for clarity. 

Thanks to this design, the sound quality is intense which again gives a wholesome omnidirectional party sound, feel the groove with this Sony SRS-XV900. Also, I like how loud it can go, I mean really loud, mostly I had to listen it at 25% still I could hear the thumping bass and the clarity is just superb.

Sony SRS-XV900

I listen to all kinds of music and listening Bollywood to pop or just calm & composed songs, I throwed all to the party speaker and it handled flawlessly. When turned on the lighting mode, which again you can customize very minutely from the app, you will see the lights flaring up as per the tune of the music and when you turn all lights off it looks magical.

Here’s a quick demo of the sound quality:

The Omni Directional Sound and Light can just amp up any party you wanna take this big boy with you, I have been listening to this speaker for weeks now and I have totally fallen in love with it. Though its huge, emits large sound but for a party or a big occasion this is the perfect solution and especially for big get-together, this speaker and its sound quality is just another level.

The woofer and tweeters are just high quality, no distortion of any sort which is I think the fundamentals of a Sony speaker. Also, if you are planning to pair this thing with your TV you can easily do so and thanks to TV Sound Booster, this lets you enjoy the enhanced sound of audio visual contents, such as live performance videos and movies.

sony7new Sony SRS-XV900 Wireless Party Speaker review: Big, Bold and Beautiful

Undoutedly, the Sony SRS-XV900 Wireless Party Speaker delivers flagship level sound quality and is a big daddy of all party speakers in the market currently.

Connectivity/Other Features

Now, on the connectivity front, you don’t have any remote of that sort, so, with the Sony Music Center app you can control everything including lighting, sound, battery and much more. It’s one of the finest app created works seamlessly both on Android or iOS and you can do each and everything using it.

Also, its very easy to connect the Sony SRS-XV900 party speaker, you tap on the Bluetooth button on the touch panel and it goes to pairing mode. However, the speaker is able to connect to your phone instantly using Google Fast Pair for Android or as the speaker goes to pairing mode it instantly shows up on your iPhone or iOS, seamlessly getting connected.

At once, this Sony SRS-XV900 can connect to two devices and you can play music from any of the one, having the integration with Spotify, playing music from it is very easy. Talking about other connectivity features, you have the option of plug in and play music via USB, also you can plug in a microphone, and sing.

Sony SRS-XV900

Because this XV900 has two inputs, you can also plug in a guitar and use the speaker as an amp, so, even more performances or shows, this could be your playmate as well. The speaker has this Party Connect feature via Bluetooth that allows you to chain up to 100 compatible Sony Bluetooth speakers using the app and it works seamlessly, useful feature to have.

The best thing about this Sony SRS-XV900 speaker is that it is very versatile and modern, easy on connectivity end but if there would any smart assistant built-in that could have made it hands-free.

Sony SRS-XV900

Battery Backup

At first I thought this party speaker can only be used when plugged-in, however, to my surprise, this Sony SRS-XV900 speaker has a huge battery inside. Sony claims it should last up to 25 hours but this depends totally upon the usage, personally I used it with or without the lighting, at former I got around 8-9 hours of battery life and without lighting it lasts very long almost as much as Sony claims.

If you run out of battery and you need to charge your phone or something you can even use the XV900 to charge up your other devices. Thanks to fast charging support, a quick 10-minute charge is all you need for up to 3 hours of music and also having Battery Care feature, even if you keep the speaker charging, this feature stops charging just before the battery reaches 100% to increase the health and life span of battery.

Sony SRS-XV900


Now, coming to the most important part of this review, should you buy this Sony SRS-XV900 Wireless Party Speaker and who is aimed towards? Well, as you probably know Sony always has a premium pricing of its products and considering its quality its worth paying for and this Sony SRS-XV900 is no exception, costing you about ₹75k, can be reduced with other offers though, still.

Considering its a pure Wireless Portable Party Speaker, it has its own advantages that makes the boss of this X-series party speakers. You can only consider this if you intend to use in a very big room or hall or any auditorium or public places, because its a huge one and an average consumer like you & me won’t probably use it for small homes.

It has one of the finest sound quality, very thumpy bass and could easily turn a normal party to a cool one with its unique Omni-Directional sound and lighting. Considering how easy it is to pair this Sony SRS-XV900 party speaker to other Sony speakers, the application of it is endless truly.

Well, if you are truly looking for a big daddy of all party speakers, this Sony SRS-XV900 Wireless Party Speaker is for you and is worth paying the extra just for its simplicity, sound and uniqueness.

Buy this Sony SRS-XV900 Party Speaker:


Design & Build Quality
Sound Quality
Connectivity/Other Features
Battery Backup
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Sony launched their premium SRS-XV900 X-Series Portable Wireless Party Speaker in India last month for ₹79,990 and retailed for ₹74,990 along with other bank offers across all major e-commerce stores and offline stores. It is a new-age prominent party speaker made for those who love...Sony SRS-XV900 Wireless Party Speaker review: Big, Bold and Beautiful