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Some of the best women entrepreneurs in India! (May 17)

In India, women entrepreneurs of various ages and socioeconomic backgrounds are continually dispelling myths and reshaping the commercial landscape. Women serve a variety of responsibilities for everyone, inspiring us in many spheres of life.

But when it comes to business, they not only serve as an inspiration to us but also provide illustrative instances.

Here are the Best Women Entrepreneurs in India!

Hemalatha Annamalai

Some of the Best Women Entrepreneurs in India!

In 2008, Hemalatha Annamalai, who had achieved success in running the HR consulting company Uni Connect in Singapore, decided to move back to India with her family in order to establish Ampere Electric. The inspiration for this venture came in 2007 when Hemalatha and her husband Bala Pachyappa attended a conference in Japan. It was during this conference that one of the speakers emphasized the significance of electric mobility as the upcoming trend in transportation. Hemalatha was greatly influenced by this insight, leading her to embark on the journey of creating Ampere Electric.

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Hemalatha, through thorough research, development, planning, and brainstorming, successfully constructed the initial e-scooter from the ground up. Instead of targeting major cities nationwide, she decided to focus on marketing her innovation to customers residing in rural and semi-urban regions. As a result, she has emerged as one of the highly accomplished female entrepreneurs in India.

Aditi Gupta

Aditi Gupta 1 jpg Some of the best women entrepreneurs in India! (May 17)

Menstrupedia, a business with the mission of raising awareness about menstruation, was founded by Aditi Gupta. She made the decision to take action after seeing the challenges women in Jharkhand experienced while having their periods. Aditi created Menstrupedia to inform individuals about menstruation and how to cope with it, so, not only she is a successful women entrepreneur but also helping people with her product.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

3 27 Some of the best women entrepreneurs in India! (May 17)

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is the current Executive Chairperson and founder of Biocon Ltd. Bangalore is home to the biopharmaceutical business Biocon Ltd. In 1973, Kiran graduated with a bachelor’s in zoology from Bangalore University and went on to earn a master’s in brewing from the University of Ballarat in Melbourne.

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She established Biocon India in 1978 in the garage of her rented house in Bangalore. In 2001, Biocon became the first Indian business to receive FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification for producing a chemical that lowers cholesterol. The business thereafter experienced rapid growth, making her one of the most successful Indian women entrepreneurs.

Falguni Nayar

4 5 Some of the best women entrepreneurs in India! (May 17)

Nykaa was founded by Falguni Nayar, who is currently serving as the CEO. She is a well-known Indian businesswoman. She spent around 20 years working as a venture investor and merchant with Kotak Mahindra Group after completing her studies at IIM Ahmedabad. Falguni left her job at the bank to start her own business.

She has received support from the “Most powerful business” at Business Today and “Women ahead” at the Economic Times awards. Almost 15 million people have enrolled on the women-focused online marketplace Nykaa, which processes over 1.5 million orders each month, she gives us a solid example of how Indian women entrepreneurs can be.

Suchi Mukherjee

5 3 Some of the best women entrepreneurs in India! (May 17)

Limeroad, an Indian online clothes marketplace, was founded and led by Suchi Mukherjee. Suchi earned a degree in economics from the University of Cambridge and a master’s in economics and finance from the London School of Economics. In 1998, she began working as a Senior Associate for Corporate Finance at Lehman Brothers Inc.

Later, after working for Virgin Media, she joined eBay. In 2011, she made her way back to India with the goal of establishing an international brand there. She ran into issues with the Indian system, including insufficient infrastructure, convoluted banking procedures, a difficult company filing process, unstable internet connectivity, and many more.


  1. Who is the most dominating woman entrepreneur?

    Oprah Winfrey, the iconic media mogul, exemplifies the enduring spirit of entrepreneurship. Oprah Winfrey was raised by her single mother in a low-income family in Mississippi. She began her career as a television personality and has steadily expanded her media empire over the years.

  2. What is the future outlook for women entrepreneurship in India?

    The future outlook for women entrepreneurship in India is promising, with increasing recognition of the importance of gender diversity and inclusion, government initiatives to support women entrepreneurs, growing access to resources and funding, and the rise of women-led startups and enterprises driving innovation and economic growth in the country.

  3. Where can I find more information about women entrepreneurs in India?

    You can find more information about women entrepreneurs in India through various sources, including business publications, interviews, case studies, industry reports, women-focused organizations, and networking events focused on entrepreneurship and women’s leadership.

  4. What is the significance of women entrepreneurship in India’s economic growth?

    Women entrepreneurship is significant for India’s economic growth as it contributes to job creation, innovation, diversity, and inclusive development. Empowering women entrepreneurs can drive economic progress, social empowerment, and sustainable development in the country.

  5. What challenges have these women entrepreneurs faced in their journey?

    Like all entrepreneurs, these women have faced various challenges in their entrepreneurial journey, including funding constraints, market competition, gender bias, and balancing work and family responsibilities. However, they have overcome these challenges with determination and perseverance.

  6. How can aspiring entrepreneurs learn from the experiences of these women entrepreneurs?

    Aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from the experiences of these women entrepreneurs by studying their entrepreneurial journeys, attending their talks and interviews, reading their books and articles, and seeking mentorship or guidance.

  7. How has Shradha Sharma contributed to the startup ecosystem in India?

    Shradha Sharma, founder of YourStory, has played a crucial role in shaping India’s startup ecosystem by providing a platform for entrepreneurs to share their stories, connect with investors, and gain visibility, thus fostering entrepreneurship and innovation.

  8. What kind of business does Vandana Luthra run?

    Vandana Luthra founded VLCC, a beauty and wellness giant that operates across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. VLCC started as a beauty and slimming services centre and has now expanded into wellness products and services.

  9. Who is Shradha Sharma, and what is her venture?

    Shradha Sharma is the founder and CEO of YourStory, a media platform for entrepreneurs and startups. She is known for her role in promoting entrepreneurship and telling inspiring stories of Indian entrepreneurs.


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