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Uniting Music and Gaming: Skyesports Masters Presents a Spectacular Live Performance by Karma and Mortal

The fusion of two dynamic worlds, esports and music, is set to electrify India’s gaming enthusiasts as the Skyesports Masters proudly announces an exhilarating live music performance by rap sensation Karma and gaming icon Mortal. The grand stage for this mesmerizing fusion is none other than India’s largest gaming tournament, to be held at the iconic Koramangala Indoor Stadium, Bangalore.

A Powerful Collaboration

On August 26 and 27, 2023, the gaming and music spheres will converge as rap sensation Karma and popular content creator Naman “Mortal” Mathur unite for a breathtaking live music performance at the Skyesports Masters event. This event is not just another gaming tournament; it’s a spectacle that marries esports and music in a way that promises to captivate audiences like never before.

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The Force Behind Karma

Karma, renowned for his hit songs “Young Galeech” and “How To Tame Your Beast,” is no stranger to the spotlight. With his dynamic and impactful rap, Karma has carved a niche for himself in the music industry. Now, he’s all set to captivate the crowd at India’s premier gaming tournament with a performance that brings together his most popular hits, adding an electrifying touch to the event.

A New Dimension for Mortal

Mortal, a gaming icon with a colossal YouTube following of over 7 million subscribers, is no stranger to the limelight either. Known for his exceptional gaming skills and engaging content, Mortal is stepping onto a new stage. The Skyesports Masters event will mark Mortal’s first-ever live music performance, revealing a different facet of his talent. Collaborating with Karma, the duo is set to perform their hit single “The Game is On,” promising an unforgettable experience.

A Historic Finale

The Skyesports Masters event is not just about music and gaming; it’s a culmination of talent, competition, and entertainment. The finale, held at the Koramangala Indoor Stadium in Bangalore, will witness the top four teams from the League Stage battling it out for the title of inaugural champions. With a staggering Rs. 2 crore prize pool, this event is a testament to India’s growing esports ecosystem.

Enthralling Entertainment

Apart from the intense esports showdown, fans can look forward to an array of entertainment options. A cosplay competition, creator showdowns, and meet-and-greets with some of the country’s most prominent gamers, including Scout, Xyaa, Rakazone, and Tonde, promise an immersive experience beyond the gaming arena.

An Event for All

The Skyesports Masters event welcomes fans of both esports and music to join the excitement. By signing up through PayTM Insider, attendees can witness nail-biting esports action and an unforgettable live music performance by Karma and Mortal, all for free.

Skyesports: Pioneers of Esports

Behind the grandeur of the Skyesports Masters event stands Skyesports, a pioneering esports and gaming venture based in Chennai. Since its inception in November 2018 by Shiva Nandy, Skyesports has rapidly risen to prominence, becoming one of South Asia’s largest esports companies. With an impressive array of original IPs including Skyesports Championship, Skyesports League, Skyesports Grand Slam, and Skyesports Skirmish Series, the brand has touched the lives of countless gamers across the region and beyond. As part of the digital entertainment and technology company JetSynthesys, Skyesports continues to push the boundaries of what esports can be.

The Skyesports Masters event is poised to redefine entertainment by seamlessly merging esports and live music. Karma and Mortal’s collaboration promises an experience that transcends conventional boundaries, and attendees are in for a treat that resonates with the power of gaming and the rhythm of music. As India’s gaming and music communities unite at the grand stage of the Koramangala Indoor Stadium, Bangalore, the Skyesports Masters event is set to leave an indelible mark on both industries.

For the fans who are unable to attend the event in Bangalore, they can catch all the exhilarating action live on Loco. Fans can attend the event for some nail-biting esports action and an unforgettable music performance for free by signing up through PayTM Insid

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