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Shotgun Wedding is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Shotgun Wedding Review: Now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. If one thinks that Jennifer Lopez has already headlined all kinds of romance, comedy, and action, then she is out to prove them wrong in this movie. Shotgun Wedding put forward the singer-actors mean fighting skills along with her unbelievably well-toned abs. In this movie, Jennifer is playing the role of Darcy, establishing that she is still Jenny from the block as she wields a heavy machine gun, lobs grenades, and zip lines across a Philippine island in a flouncy wedding gown.

shotgun Shotgun Wedding is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Shotgun Wedding is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Shotgun Wedding is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. It was released yesterday i.e. on 27th January 2023. It is a 2022 American romantic action comedy film directed by Jason Moore and written by Mark Hammer. The film stars Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel, Sônia Braga, Jennifer Coolidge, Lenny Kravitz, and Cheech Marin.

The movie is packed with romance and comedy that makes the film full of entertainment, although a lot hardly surprises will be there till the end of the movie. Lopez is ably aided by Josh Duhamel, who plays her fiancé and “groomzilla” Tom. This movie has assembled a good star cast. Jennifer who is playing one of the lead roles has received many awards such as  Emmy and Golden Globe awards for her role in The White Lotus.

Shotgun Wedding Review

The movie Shotgun Wedding movie starts with a great kick along with the wedding rehearsal at a secluded Philippine island resort that brings the families of Darcy and Tom together. At the same time, some oddball relatives, dangerous acquaintances, and unwanted guests show up.

The attention has been drawn by Darcy’s former fiance Sean because he arrives for the wedding in a helicopter. But the wedding ceremony has not gone according to plan. In fact, the movie’s trailer has already given enough hints about what all goes wrong. Differences resurface between the bride and groom while the guests are taken hostage by pirates. Mess and mayhem unfold before the vows are exchanged.

The bride in her elaborate wedding dress and the groom in his nifty tux swing into action. Together, they create some thrilling moments in this action comedy. Yet, the actors, both good-looking and blessed with perfect bodies, fail to whip up enough chemistry between them.

In the movie, a last-minute conflict arises. Tom being too much of a perfectionist while Darcy is having cold feet — does not seem convincing. Though Lopez, with her vast experience in handling romantic-comedy-action movies. Still, the audience failed to understand her fears.

In the movie Shotgun Wedding, one of the biggest shortcomings is the failure to explore Coolidge’s comic talent to add more light-hearted moments to the narrative. As Tom’s simple-hearted mother Carol is fun but does not have much to do. That could be because the movie seems to rely more on action sequences than comedy to hold the audience’s attention.

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