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Samsung’s Extensive 2024-2025 Lineup: A Glimpse into the Company’s Packed Product Portfolio

It seems that Samsung will also have a very hectic 2024 and even early 2025. Even though its brand-new Galaxy S24 lineup that arrived earlier this year has already received an overwhelmingly positive response from consumers worldwide, the tech juggernaut is clearly not resting on its laurels.

Indeed, a recent leak has given the most ardent of Samsung fans a sneak peek at the myriad of new gadgets the company has in store for the rest of the year. The list contains a number of names that will ring familiar to many people and confirm that the Korean tech company has many big ideas for the future.


More About Samsung’s Lineup

Based on the leak, it is then apparent that Samsung will have quite a lot on its plate. Let’s start with the most self-evident part: different types of foldable handsets. It seems that July will witness the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 6, the Galaxy Z Flip 6, and the intriguingly named Galaxy Fold Ultra. Interestingly, the Ultra variant deviates from the expected naming convention, raising speculation about a potential separate lineup for premium foldable devices. Additionally, July will mark the release of new wearable devices, such as the Galaxy Buds 3 series, Galaxy Watch 7 series, and Galaxy Ring.

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image 15 125 jpg Samsung's Extensive 2024-2025 Lineup: A Glimpse into the Company's Packed Product Portfolio

The leak also leaked Samsung’s plans for numerous Fan Edition devices this year. These include the Galaxy S24 FE, Galaxy Z Flip FE, Galaxy Z Fold FE, Galaxy Watch FE, Galaxy Buds 2 FE, and Galaxy Tab S10 FE, and many others. Additionally, the first Galaxy S10 series would make a reprise, with the Galaxy XR a reality alongside the Galaxy Book 4 Edge and the much-hyped Galaxy S25 series, expected by early 2025. Samsung’s lineup for the year seems extensive and impressive, conveying the brand’s commitment to innovation and product variety.

image 15 126 jpg Samsung's Extensive 2024-2025 Lineup: A Glimpse into the Company's Packed Product Portfolio

Samsung also maintains its focus on promoting many fresh releases to its previous-generation devices. Recent reports suggest that upcoming updates will bring Galaxy AI features and One UI 6.1 to the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 series next month. In an industry often marked by confusion, Samsung stands out with its clear and robust roadmap. With each new release, Samsung continues to raise the bar for innovation in the Android market, demonstrating a commitment to providing consumers with superior technology and experiences.


  1. Will the Samsung Galaxy S25 series be released in 2025?

    Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S25 series is expected to launch in early 2025, as per the leaked information.

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  2. Do we know the pricing for the upcoming Samsung devices?

    Pricing details for the new Samsung devices have not been confirmed yet. Typically, Samsung announces pricing closer to the launch date of each product.


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