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Samsung and TheUpsideSpace Come Together to Create a Real Canvas Like Digital Art Experience on Its Lifestyle TV, The Frame – a TV When It’s On & Art When It’s OFF

  • Samsung collaborates with TheUpsideSpace as the screen partner for Mumbai Gallery Weekend
  • At the APRE Art House, Colaba, Mumbai, various artists will display their artwork themed ‘Futur Proche’ on Samsung’s lifestyle TV, The Frame
  • The show will go on until February 28, 2023

Samsung, India’s largest consumer electronics brand, has collaborated with TheUpsideSpace, co-founded by Lisa Ray – actor, wellness advocate, writer, and art aficionado, as the screen partner for their digital art display on its Lifestyle TV, The Frame at the APRE Art House for Mumbai Gallery Weekend. TheUpsideSpace is a curator led NFT marketplace spotlighting art and artists from Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Middle East.

Tastefully designed to make luxury living spaces more distinctive, the Frame comes with Matte Display to eliminate reflection on the screen allowing you to feel the texture of the artwork delivering a real-life art on canvas experience.

This partnership aptly demonstrates how the display of art has evolved over the years and how digital platforms are revolutionising the way art enthusiasts are consuming art.

Starting January 12, TheUpsideSpace and the APRE Art House are bringing together physical and NFT works by a range of artists from South Asia. With a steadfast belief in the power of storytelling through art, TheUpsideSpace partners with a portfolio of 10 diverse artists. Some of the artists, such as, Manjot Kaur on “Alpha Canis Majoris” and Yasir Waqas on “scraped together a small square of dust,” will be displaying their artwork on Samsung’s lifestyle TV, The Frame.

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The event kicked off with an exclusive walkthrough of the exhibition with Lisa Ray, the curator, and some of the artists. This exhibition leverages the unique cultural insights and perspectives of the artists, fostering NFT art appreciation for both art lovers and novices on The Frame TV.

The Frame TV is designed to enable art lovers to bring alive local as well as world-famous artwork on their walls, which makes it an ideal screen partner at the Mumbai Gallery Weekend.

Commenting on the collaboration, Lisa Ray, Co-founder of TheUpsideSpace, says, “From canvas to pixels, artists have always embraced innovation to allow their practice to evolve. When it comes to expression through art, the world is changing; the form is changing but we place creativity at the wheel. We are excited to partner with Samsung to bring alive digital artwork on The Frame TV. It’s a beautiful union of art, technology, and design.”

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“The Frame is a lifestyle TV that has been designed for art enthusiasts to adorn their living space with tastefully curated artwork from all around the world. It comes with a built-in Art Store that allows art lovers to curate their personal art collection from a growing library of over 1,600 pieces of world-famous artists including Indian folk art. This collaboration is a testament to our vision of connecting art lovers with local and global artists, through technology,” said Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India.

About the show – Futur Proche 

In the words of the curator – Sayali Mundye, Futur proche or the near future seems like something close, yet just slipping out of our reach. This future fluctuates between disparities: fixed and upcoming, changes and constants, new and old, rules and freedom. Unlike the present tense fixed with no exceptions and assurance of the act taking place in immediacy, ‘futur’ is cyclical like history has taught us over the years – fighting for rights, climate, our existence. Futur proche brings together physical and NFT works by a range of artists from South Asia who are responding to specificities of an imagined time, some are warnings, drawing into the past while hoping, creating, critiquing, reflecting for better times.

The Frame TV

The Frame TV is designed for the art connoisseur in you and lets you frame it your way by offering a variety of customizable, magnetic bezels so you can easily choose or even change your favorite color to best suit your space.

Offering superior picture quality with QLED technology that enables life-like colors, enhanced contrast and impeccable details with 100% color volume for exceptional picture quality, The Frame also comes with Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, a powerful Quantum Processor 4K, 4K AI upscaling capabilities and SpaceFit Sound that auto-optimises sound settings after analysing your room’s environment.

The Frame TV now also comes with ‘Matte Display’ that eliminates reflections and makes it difficult to distinguish art displayed on The Frame TV from real art.

With Samsung’s Art Store, users have unlimited access to a library of over 1,600 modern and classic pieces of art from established and emerging artists. The Frame TV houses local folk arts such as Madhubani from Bihar, Gond artworks from Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Odisha respectively, Pattachitra Paintings of Odisha and Bengal and more.   

Anti-Reflection with Matte Display

Anti-Reflection technology and the Matte Display Film premium matte finish limit light distraction on your screen by reducing the effects of glare. Makes it difficult to distinguish art displayed on The Frame TV from real art

Set the Right Mood with Customizable Bezels

Whatever your aesthetic, mood, or occasion, choose from the Modern or Bevelled bezel in 7 different colours. The magnetic bezel is easy to snap on, making design updates a breeze.

True-to-life Picture Quality with 100% Color Volume

The QLED technology allows the viewer to bask in a billion shades of brilliant colour at 100% Colour Volume. Quantum Dot technology brings you a gorgeous picture by transforming light into a vivid colour that stays true for bold detail, even as the scene brightens.

 Brilliant Picture Quality with Quantum HDR

Go beyond HDTV with Quantum HDR that delivers an expanded range of colour and contrast. Step up to the brilliant possibilities of what your picture can bring you. 

Smart Display with Motion Sensors

Intelligent motion sensors help you maximize energy efficiency. Set up your art to display when you’re in the room and turn it off when you’re not.


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