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Samsung Shifts Focus to 2nm Technology Amidst Challenges with 3nm, Eyes Next-Gen Exynos Testing

Samsung’s efforts to attract clients for its 3nm technology seem to have hit a snag as TSMC is reportedly planning to increase production of its next-gen node, to 100,000 monthly wafers by the end of 2024 gaining an advantage. In tackling the issues with its 3 yields Samsung appears to be shifting focus towards its 2nm technology. Recent reports suggest that the upcoming Exynos SoC is currently undergoing tests using this lithography.


More about the New Samsung 2nm Technology

The yield rate for the 3nm GAA process has stayed below 60 percent missing the targeted 70 percent needed to lure in customers. Now Sedaily indicates that Samsung is making progress in the realm of 2nm technology with talks centered around creating prototypes for Qualcomm and Samsung’s LSI division. This signals a development where the company is mentioned about developing prototypes for its chipsets at the 2nm level indicating testing phases for an undisclosed Exynos processor.

image 100 34 jpg Samsung Shifts Focus to 2nm Technology Amidst Challenges with 3nm, Eyes Next-Gen Exynos Testing

Previously there were rumors about Samsung working on the Exynos 2500 which would feature a 10-core CPU cluster expected to follow up on the Exynos 2400. However, it’s unlikely that mass production using the 2nm process will happen until, around 2026. According to reports Qualcomm has asked for 2 samples, from Samsung and TSMC. However, it is believed that this advanced technology will be used for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 5 or the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4.

Reports suggest that Samsung has taken the lead, in the race to develop 2nm chips by securing its first customer a Japanese startup named Preferred Networks (PFN). The ability to maintain healthy yields remains uncertain, but Samsung might have enticed its initial customers with attractive discounts, a strategy previously rumored to secure future clients.

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image 100 35 jpg Samsung Shifts Focus to 2nm Technology Amidst Challenges with 3nm, Eyes Next-Gen Exynos Testing

The possibility of an unnamed Exynos undergoing testing implies Samsung’s intention to not solely rely on Snapdragon chipsets for future flagship smartphones. This strategic move is logical considering the rising prices of Qualcomm’s high-end SoCs. With the next-generation 2nm process, Samsung could potentially reverse its fortunes, although the challenge lies in maintaining consistent yields.


  1. What technology will be used in Snapdragon Gen 4 or 5?

    There are rumors that the 2nm technology will be used in these chips.


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