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Samsung Partners with Apple for OLED MacBook Integration by 2027

According to a report, there are indications that Samsung is planning to join Apple’s supply chain for displays, for future MacBook models. This aligns with the rumors about Apple’s intention to switch from LED and LCD display technologies to OLED for their MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lines.


Samsung and Apple Partnering Up for OLED MacBook

The report highlights Samsung’s efforts in setting up a generation OLED panel production line, specifically aimed at meeting Apple’s demand for OLED displays in upcoming versions of MacBooks. However, it is mentioned that these panels may not be included in MacBook releases until 2027.

Year ETNews reported on Apple’s plans to incorporate OLED display technology into nine new devices by 2027. This is expected to begin with the introduction of iPad Pro models equipped with displays in March. Following that the focus will likely shift towards a 16-inch MacBook Pro featuring a display by 2025. The subsequent releases are anticipated to include updated versions of the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad Air, and iPad mini all sporting OLED displays, by 2026.

image 80 228 jpg Samsung Partners with Apple for OLED MacBook Integration by 2027

According to a report, by The Elec, it seems that Samsung’s new OLED production line might not be involved in the batch of MacBooks expected in 2025. However, it is anticipated to have a role in providing panels for models, such as the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Air model anticipated for 2027.

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OLED technology offers advantages, over LCD displays including improved brightness, better contrast ratio, enhanced color accuracy, and lower power consumption. Moreover, OLED panels are known for their lighter designs compared to LCD screens. Apple has already embraced OLED displays in its iPhone and Apple Watch lineups, excluding the iPhone SE.

image 80 227 jpg Samsung Partners with Apple for OLED MacBook Integration by 2027

As Apple continues to explore opportunities for OLED integration across its product range, Samsung’s involvement in the supply chain underscores the tech giant’s commitment to advancing display technology in its future MacBook offerings.


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