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Samsung Unveils Foldable Tablet and Innovative Vacuum Docking Station

In the tech world, smartphones have been getting a lot of attention with leaks and rumors. We shouldn’t overlook the advancements in tablets. Thanks, to a collaboration with David from @xleaks7 we’ve stumbled upon a Samsung patent that gives us a glimpse into what the future of tablets could look like.


The Upcoming Samsung Foldable Tablet And Vaccum Cleaner

As technology progresses, being adaptable and flexible becomes increasingly important. A recent patent in display technology has caught the interest of both experts and enthusiasts. This patent introduces a type of display device that doesn’t have a screen. Instead, it can be unfolded to reveal a section, effectively expanding the screen size like a tablet.

image 80 230 jpg Samsung Unveils Foldable Tablet and Innovative Vacuum Docking Station

The heart of this patent lies within a display device consisting of two bodies connected by a hinge along with a support plate and a display panel. What sets this device apart is the inclusion of a body with two parts that can slide against each other. This smart design allows one part to slide out revealing a portion of the screen.

Moreover, the supporting plate has a section, between two parts that enables it to fold when necessary. In terms of this device, it is like having a tablet that perfectly fits in your pocket. Unlike tablets that require cases for carrying, this technology ensures easy portability in a compact size.

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image 80 231 jpg Samsung Unveils Foldable Tablet and Innovative Vacuum Docking Station

While it lacks a screen similar to Samsung’s Z Fold Series, this device offers a spacious internal screen that resembles a tablet when unfolded and expanded. Furthermore, there is another technology patented by Samsung that aims to revolutionize home cleaning processes. This patent introduces a docking station system designed to automate the replacement of mopping cloths on vacuum cleaners. It addresses an inconvenience faced during household cleaning.

By incorporating a cloth separator and coupler into the docking station, the system enables the vacuum cleaner to switch out dirty clothes for fresh ones while performing its cleaning duties. This does not simplify the cleaning process. It also enhances user convenience by eliminating the need, for manual intervention.

image 80 232 jpg Samsung Unveils Foldable Tablet and Innovative Vacuum Docking Station

With this advancement ensuring cleaning performance, it envisions a future where household chores become even more effortless and efficient. With the advancement of cleaning technology, inventions such, as this patent are poised to revolutionize household upkeep. They provide users with a sneak peek, into a future where cleaning chores seamlessly integrate into our lives.

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