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Royal Enfield introduces the Super Meteor 650 cruiser at EICMA

According to the sources, the Interceptor INT 650 and Continental GT 650 twins and the Super Meteor 650 both utilize the same 648cc air-and-oil-cooled parallel-twin engine. The Super Meteor 650’s engine produces 52Nm of torque at 5650 rpm and 47hp of maximum power at 7250 rpm.

The stretched-out appearance and low posture scream “cruiser.” The Super Meteor 650 blends clear controls and instrumentation with laid-back rider ergonomics, rock-solid stability on the freeway, and strong ride and handling to handle curved routes as well. Wide tubeless tyres on alloy rims offer dependability and peace of mind at highway speeds, while a huge tank extends the vehicle’s range.

Royal Enfield introduces the Super Meteor 650 cruiser at EICMA
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Word from the MD of Eicher Motors

Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director of Eicher Motors, commented on the history of cruisers and Royal Enfield’s approach to motorcycle construction, stating that the new cruiser, the Super Meteor 650, represents the next development of this technique. They created the Super Meteor with inspiration from their own long-distance riding experiences as well as those of our customers.

Royal Enfield introduces the Super Meteor 650 cruiser at EICMA
credits – autocarpro.in

Furthermore, he added that the riding ergonomics have been fine-tuned to offer a leisurely, yet in-control experience for passengers, and the overall top-quality fit-finish of parts and materials reflect visual and sensory pleasure. The engine is extremely refined and responsive and offers a relaxed part-throttle experience at highway-plus speeds. Generations of Royal Enfield cruisers have served as an inspiration for the Super Meteor’s stunning shape and contours, which are both distinctly familiar and breathtakingly stunning.

Royal Enfield introduces the Super Meteor 650 cruiser at EICMA
credits – autocarpro.in

Super Meteor 650: Reviewing the Engineering

B Govindarajan, CEO of Royal Enfield, said that even at the beginning of the development journey of the 650 parallel twin platform, they were clear about their motives for creating and constructing a true-blue highway cruiser. This statement was made about the engineering that supports the Super Meteor 650. Even though it took some time to get here, they are delighted that it has. We are certain that this platform, in a new cruiser incarnation, will attract new riders for Royal Enfield throughout the world. The 650-twin engine has been at the core of the overwhelming global success of the Interceptor and the Continental GT 650.

Royal Enfield introduces the Super Meteor 650 cruiser at EICMA
credits – autocarpro.in

Royal Enfield Chief of Design, Mark Wells, says It is a classic cruiser. He claimed that the objective was to build a motorcycle that perfectly embodies British cruisers. The design language draws inspiration from 1950s designs, particularly those of their own motorcycles, but with a modern twist. The Super Meteor 650 is a carefree motorcycle that may be used to go across vast, immersive landscapes and inching closer to the vanishing point of the horizon.

The brand-new chassis, developed in collaboration with Harris Performance, has a low center of gravity for high-speed stability and effortless maneuverability that inspires confidence in riders of all skill levels. Some of the many eye-catching improvements include USD forks, LED headlamps, a cutting-edge TBT navigation system, new engine covers, and a premium fit and finish.

About the Two Variants

The Super Meteor will be sold by Royal Enfield in two variations: Standard and Tourer. There will be two versions of the Super Meteor 650: normal and tourer. The regular Super Meteor 650 will come in the Astral and Interstellar color schemes, while the top-of-the-line tourer model will have the Celestial color schemes.

Royal Enfield introduces the Super Meteor 650 cruiser at EICMA
credits – indiatoday.in

The Tourer model comes with a pillion backrest and a big windscreen, while the Astral and Interstellar are positioned with a more understated appearance. While the Interstellar and Celestial are each offered in two colors, the Astral is offered in three colors.

The Astral Black Super Meteor 650, one of the three motorcycles presented at EICMA, has a Solo Tourer Genuine Motorcycle Accessories kit that includes machined wheels, premium footpegs, bar end mirrors, and LED indicators.

Royal Enfield introduces the Super Meteor 650 cruiser at EICMA
credits – autocarpro.in

The Grand Tourer accessories kit, which includes a deluxe touring dual-seat, touring windscreen, passenger backrest, deluxe footpegs, long-haul panniers, touring handlebar, and LED indicators, is included with the Celestial Red Super Meteor 650 Tourer. The standard format is used to depict the Interstellar Green Super Meteor 650.

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