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Redmi Pad Pro Keyboard and Smart Pen Certified by TDRA: Hinting at New Redmi Pad Pro Tablet?

After completing the certification process both the Redmi Pad Pro Keyboard and the Redmi Smart Pen have successfully been added to the database of the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) in the United Arab Emirates. This validation does not confirm their authenticity. Also suggests a possible expansion of Xiaomi’s product range to include a Redmi Pad Pro tablet.

Redmi Pad Pro

The Upcoming Redmi Pad Pro Keyboard and Smart Pen

The Redmi Pad Pro Keyboard and the Redmi Smart Pen can be easily recognized by their model numbers. “24042KBD5G” and “24048MP07G” respectively. With approval from TDRA, they have been allocated distinct equipment registration numbers. “ER29727/24” and “ER29728/24” respectively. Their classification as short-range low-power devices further supports their legitimacy within the database. These certifications are valid until March 11 2027 ensuring compliance with standards.

image 21 131 jpg Redmi Pad Pro Keyboard and Smart Pen Certified by TDRA: Hinting at New Redmi Pad Pro Tablet?

Although Xiaomi has previously released two tablets under the Redmi brand. Namely, the Redmi Pad was launched in 2022 and the Redmi Pad SE was unveiled in 2023. TDRA certifications suggest a possible introduction of another tablet bearing the name “Redmi Pad Pro.” Transitioning to the advancements related to the Redmi Pad Pro Keyboard and the Redmi Smart Pen it is important to mention that the keyboard has received approvals, from regulatory agencies such, as SDPPI, FCC, IMDA, and NRRA. Similarly, the pen has gone through a certification procedure overseen by SDPPI, FCC, and IMDA authorities.

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image 21 130 jpg Redmi Pad Pro Keyboard and Smart Pen Certified by TDRA: Hinting at New Redmi Pad Pro Tablet?

The upcoming Redmi Smart Pen is anticipated to incorporate an advanced 3.85Vdc Li-ion battery, promising enhanced durability and extended usage. On the other hand, rumors suggest that the Redmi Pad Pro Keyboard will feature dimensions measuring 10.9 inches, potentially offering users a spacious and ergonomic typing experience. Additionally, insights gleaned from these certifications strongly suggest the possibility of the Pad Pro integrating a distinctive pill-shaped camera module, with dimensions potentially hovering around the 9-inch mark, promising impressive imaging capabilities and immersive multimedia experiences.


  1. What does TDRA certification mean for the Redmi Pad Pro Keyboard and Smart Pen?

    TDRA certification confirms compliance with UAE regulatory standards, ensuring legal sale and usage.

  2. Is the release of a Redmi Pad Pro tablet confirmed?

    No, while TDRA certifications suggest Xiaomi may be developing one, official confirmation and details are pending.


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