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Xiaomi Set to Unveil Redmi Book Pro 14 and 16 Laptops for 2024 on February 22

The Xiaomi Redmi Book Pro series is set for a rejuvenation in 2024. This refreshed lineup of laptops is slated to make its grand entrance on February 22, sharing the stage with the unveiling of the Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro and Xiaomi 14 Ultra in China. Anticipation is building for the releases, from Xiaomi. The company has been quite secretive about the details of the upcoming notebooks.

Redmi Book Pro 14

The Upcoming Redmi Book Pro 14 and 16

According to the announcement the 2024 series will consist of two versions of Redmi Book Pro laptops; one with a 14-inch screen and another with a 16-inch display. While Xiaomi hasn’t revealed information about the processors in each laptop they have confirmed that these laptops will offer up to 70W of power suggesting a computing performance.

Looking back at the model the 2023 Redmi Book Pro 14 featured Intel Core i5 12500H and Core i7 12700H processors. With laptops adopting Intel Meteor Lake chipsets it’s possible that the 2024 Pro 16 and Pro 14 will introduce Intel Core Ultra 7 and Core Ultra 5 processors for improved performance and efficiency.

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image 100 6 jpg Xiaomi Set to Unveil Redmi Book Pro 14 and 16 Laptops for 2024 on February 22

Additionally, Xiaomi has hinted that the new Redmi Book Pro notebooks will focus on being lightweight and portable. This focus on mobility highlights Xiaomi’s dedication, to creating productivity tools suited for today’s paced lifestyle.

The company has also suggested that they might include a top-tier LCD display, in the lineup rumored to feature a 3.1K resolution and a remarkable 165 Hz refresh rate, which is expected to deliver an appealing experience for users. Xiaomi has hinted at an “ultra-long” battery life for the upcoming Redmi Book Pro laptops in 2024 but specific details, on the duration have not been disclosed yet.

image 101 jpg Xiaomi Set to Unveil Redmi Book Pro 14 and 16 Laptops for 2024 on February 22

Nonetheless, the announcement pictures suggest that the notebooks will retain USB-A ports and feature narrow bezels, enhancing both connectivity and aesthetics. With the launch just two days away, eager consumers eagerly await further details on these eagerly awaited devices.

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  1. <strong>When will Xiaomi launch the Redmi Book Pro 14 and 16?</strong>

    The Redmi Book Pro 14 and 16 are scheduled to launch on February 22 by Xiaomi.

  2. <strong>What type of chipset are going to be on these laptops?</strong>

    The laptops are going to feature Intel Meteor Lake CPUs.


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