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Redfall has been revealed exclusively to Xbox Series X|S

Redfall has been announced during the Xbox & Bethesda Game Showcase. It is the latest co-op and an open-world first-person shooter game from Arkane Austin, the award-winning team behind Prey and Dishonored.

The players can play it solo or in co-op; it absolutely depends on the four players who have to battle against a legion of vampires that have got the once-quaint island of the town of Redfall.

REDFALL - Bethseda's New Co-op, Open-World First-Person Shooter From Arkane  Austin About Killing Vampires! » OmniGeekEmpire

In this game, you can choose your path in a signature Arkane style across the island and also via vampire masses that you discover that happened this plague of bloodsuckers. It will be picked from a roster of heroes who acquired unique skills and also gear up with customizable weapons found across the island. You can do whatever it takes to make a perfect team against vampire slayers.

Redfall is on the way to Xbox X|S and the PC in the Summer of 2022 and also will be there with the game pass on the first day.

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Redfall for Xbox and PC: Release date, gameplay, and everything we know |  Windows Central

Redfall as Nice Place

Once upon a time, Redfall used to be a bustling, beautiful island community. There was everything like a coastal town in Massachusetts a lighthouse, a lobster shack, and a boardwalk. After taking over the vampires, the sun was blocked out, the tides are pushed back, and the island becomes walled off from the remaining society. It is trapping everyone who is remained. Now at night, all the vampires have ruled the town, and the people who worship them patrol the entire streets by day. These days not many people come out to check the boardwalk.

Redfall: Bethesda Vampire Game Story, Release Date, & Co-Op Details

In this game, you get an option to choose a lineup of unconventional heroes; each of them has its own unique abilities and is also specialized in weapons and ready to battle against those blood-sucking vampires who are threatening the island. You also can visit alone by choosing a character around solo play, or you can select a perfect character to round out the roaster of heroes with the four-player co-op.

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Redfall: Bethesda Vampire Game Story, Release Date, & Co-Op Details

Squad Members

This game is also featuring a rich journey that explores not only the stories of the island and also the bloodsucking creatures plaguing its streets, also the stories of four real heroes.

Layla Ellison: She is the younger member of the team but there is not much that she cannot handle with her wits. She possesses telekinetic abilities.

Jacob Boyer: This character is a retired military sharpshooter with dark clothing penchant and a strange vampiric eye. If you want to find him in the fields then you have to look for his spectral raven circling overhead. He always stays close.

Remi de la Rosa: She will always be seen with robotic compatriot, Bribon, Remi who stays on the frontline of conflict. She utilizes her brilliant mind and strong empathy sense to protect her loved ones. And also provide help to needy people.

Devinder Crousley: He is an inventor and also a paranormal investigator. He is always ready to prove to the world the existence of vampires.

After you start exploring the game you will get to know many things about the game.

Redfall is the next game from Arkane, and it's about fighting vampires –  Global Circulate

Bloodsucker Vampires

In this game, the bloodsuckers are not afraid of crosses or any allergic to garlic. It is assuming that they don’t sleep in the coffins or no need to invite them to visit your house. A long time ago, those vampires just were normal people. It is better to say, normal greedy people. They were those people who were obsessed with the idea of eternity and used science that turns them into monsters.

Bare tells Vampires are perennially funny, classical villains due to the ripe of every generation to reinvent and experience new light. In this case, these vampires are science-inspired and also triggered by biotech longevity experimentation.

Redfall, a Vampire Open World Co-op FPS From Arkane Studios, Announced As  Xbox Exclusive - E3 2021 - IGN

Now an army of Redfall has been a build-up to clear the hierarchy of the power. After massive transformation, some of the vampires acquired the ability like Angler. They can use a psychic harpoon to drag your way from the team. If the vampires are growing in numbers, you need to be aware that they become stronger than the previous form. In this case, you need to ascend a ladder dripping blood to reach the creatures at the top.


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