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RANKED: Top 10 most attractive sports, according to survey

Most of us have at least one celeb crush and unsurprisingly this extends to sports stars! Their fit and healthy lifestyles not only enhance their performance but also create God-like physiques many lusts after. 

But with many sports known for their fair share of eye candy, which sport is considered the most attractive? To answer this question, experts conducted a survey of 3,580 people to find out which sport has the most attractive sports stars. 

RANKED: Top 10 most attractive sports, according to a survey

RankSport% of votes
#6Figure skating5.84
#9Weight lifting4.11

The long-held rivalry between rugby and football extends outside the sports with Football only beating Rugby by 12 votes to be crowned the most attractive sport! Despite the World Cup being but a distant memory for many, it seems many football stars have left fans wanting more. Celebrities in their own right, Jack Grealish and Mason Mount are surely among those influencing the vote with them not only easy on the ball but easy on the eye too. Likewise, stunning female footballers include Alisha Lehman who plays as a forward for Aston Villa, and Man United star Adriana Leon.

Trailing behind in third position with 9.53% of the votes is Basketball. With the likes of Sterling Brown, Blake Griffin, and none other than Kendall Kardashian’s boyfriend Devin Booker, there is an abundance of Basketball stars fitting the tall, dark, and handsome criteria. For women, Basketball is in the top five most attractive sports obtaining 11.10% of the votes. Whilst, men’s basketball, achieved 4.43% fewer votes. 

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In fourth position is Boxing with 6.76% of the votes. With boxers known for action-packed fights in the ring and their all-important fast reflexes that historically give men a muscular physique, it is no surprise that viewers are left swooning. Despite recent controversies surrounding his sportsmanship, Anthony Joshua no doubt has a hoard of admirers with his defined abs and muscular arms. 

Rounding off the top five is Gymnastics with 6.12% of the votes. As they need to possess full body strength and an extraordinary level of flexibility, Gymnasts are known for their amazing figures and graceful movements that make them attractive. The likes of Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Max Whitlock, and Nile Wilson have been able to smoothly land their sport in the top 10 most attractive. Despite being the most attractive sport for men sitting at 13.74%, Gymnastics for women only has a 1.86% share of the votes. 

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