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Ramattra: Overwatch 2’s Newest Hero | An Omnic Anti-Hero | Crucial Component of the game’s upcoming chapter

As per the sources. it states that Activision Blizzard recently introduced the following hero for Overwatch 2 during the Overwatch League Grand Finals, according to the sources. Ramattra is an omnic who has been radicalized as a result of humanity’s treatment of his people during the Omnic Crisis, the conflict that directly led to the creation of Overwatch.

On the other hand, the new character is more interested in enforcing his own brand of justice, which puts him at odds with the organization, than joining the Agents of Overwatch in their efforts to bring peace to both sides.

About the New Hero: Ramattra

Ramattra’s story is intricate and diverse, and his ultimate objective is to defend his people, albeit the price of achieving that goal is still unknown, according to Blizzard in the official press release. The character’s tale is one of adversity, trauma, and a magnified vision of the harsh realities that face humanity.

Ramattra: Overwatch 2's Newest Hero | An Omnic Anti-Hero | Crucial Component of the game's upcoming chapter
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Furthermore, it added that dissonance took the place of harmony, and Ramattra started to approach his beliefs from a more practical standpoint, justifying whatever measures were required to protect his fellow omnics. Ramattra, the ruler of Null Sector, enjoys the unwavering loyalty of his people and is well-positioned to impose his ideologies on the rest of the globe.

Although Blizzard hasn’t yet disclosed Ramattra’s complete repertoire of skills, it has stated that he will be a tank hero with powers akin to those of D.Va. Ramattra will effectively have two forms: Omnic and Nemesis, similar to D.Va.

Focused on Range Attacks and Team Protection

In omnic form, the hero’s primary objectives are to protect his team by erecting barriers and dealing with long-range strikes. But once his Nemesis mode is engaged, the former monk transforms into a true killing machine, capable of dispatching adversaries with little health with ease.

Ramattra will be most effective fighting alongside characters like Lucio, who may help him with healing and mobility, while Anna, Reinhardt, and heroes with stun abilities may be difficult opponents, according to the studio at a group press conference with Blizzard.

Ramattra: Overwatch 2's Newest Hero | An Omnic Anti-Hero | Crucial Component of the game's upcoming chapter
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Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie, the lead narrative designer for Overwatch 2, revealed that Zenyatta and Ramattra were formerly very close friends when asked about Ramattra’s relationships with earlier Overwatch 2 characters. Ramattra accompanied Zenyatta to the Shambali Monastery, which the two of them previously called home, according to Jurgens-Fyhrie, and the two rapidly grew close.

While Ramattra took a different route and severed his contact with Zenyatta as a result of multiple terrible events in his life, Zenyatta chose to concentrate on fostering harmony and figuring out a method for humans and onmics to live.

Studio was Touched by the Story

The developer also briefly discussed the overarching plot of Overwatch 2, saying that while it can’t divulge exactly how the game’s next PvE mode will play out, Ramattra is the start of several questions about the ongoing plot of Overwatch.

Ramattra might play a significant role as the tension between the two factions reaches a new boiling point because omnic-human connections are one of the main sources of tension in the series.

Ramattra: Overwatch 2's Newest Hero | An Omnic Anti-Hero | Crucial Component of the game's upcoming chapter
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Ramattra is expected to launch in Overwatch 2 on December 6, 2022, which is the start of Season 2. While those who earn rewards through the free battle pass must work their way up to level 55 in order to unlock him, those who purchase the Season 2 premium battle pass will get immediate access to the character.

The team responded that they are in “continuous dialogue,” but that there are currently no adjustments planned when asked if they had any intentions to alter the level at which new characters will become available in response to criticism of the game’s commercialization.

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