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“Raame Aandalam Raavane Aandalum”: The official trailer of the Tamil Film has been dropped

Amazon Prime Video has dropped the trailer of the Tamil film Raame Aandalum Raavane Aandalum is definitely the first film from the four-movie deal about this 2D Suriya’s Entertainment that has been signed out. The trailer of the film has been revealed by Suriya by his latest production venture.

After sharing the trailer it has said that every film should be entertaining & also make such an impact, that he had believed this new team that also has made a strong one.

This film is definitely the first film of the four films that have dealt with the 2D Suriya Entertainment that has been signed with the streaming service. The title of the movie has been lifted with such an evergreen song with the exact name arrive from Superstar Rajnikanth’s Mullum Malarum. We will like to inform you that this song has a gigantic ego with the film of Rajnikanth’s Kali that has sung and not been bothered while Rama or Raavan is ruling as he is also the king of his life.

RARA Trailer Out! Suriya Unveils The Power-Packed Political Saga That  Promises A Heartwarming Message

In this, the title has seen to be meant something else in the film Suriya, after being in power and also the lives of some people that would never be changed for the better.

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After sharing the heart of the life of Peepli, Raam Andalum Raavane Aandalum just revolves around the media circus that has also been set for the backdrop of the controversy in this remote village. The story of the film revolves around the struggle of the married couple to find out the missing bulls, Vellaiyan and Karuppan.

The trailer does not expose the event to be the lovely bulls of the couple. Now, it is very clear about the farm animals that have been caught in the centre of the political game and also the couple that is seeming to be prepared to visit the great lengths to come them home once again.

Raman Aandalum Ravanan Aandalum trailer: Search for bulls snowball into a  media circus- Cinema express

The trailer basically shows us about the entire journey of the young couple that has been played by Mithun and Ramya, who have lost their bulls Karruppan and Vellaiyan whom they treat like their children like cows with the cooperation of the journalist Vani Bhojan who is the one-liner about the film.

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In this film, Vani Bhojan is just making her debut acting in the Tamil language film Orr Eravu in 2010 after that has given a huge hit on the silver screen with the Tamil soap opera Deivamagal and has been landed on the big screens return with the bang. She will appear for the jovial role in this Tamil rom-com Oh My Kadavule.


This film is featuring Ramya Pandian, Mithun Manickam, and Vadivel Murugan, and Vani Bhojan in the main role. The story of the movie has been written and directed by Arisil Moorthy.

Release Date

Amazon Prime Video will premiere on 24th September 2021.

Here is the trailer:


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