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Qi2 Wireless Chargers: Coming Soon with Revolutionary Magnetic Power Profile

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has announced that the inaugural wireless chargers supporting the latest Qi2 charging standard are poised to hit the market just in time for the holiday season. Qi2, unveiled earlier this year, represents a revolutionary advancement in Qi charging technology by introducing the Magnetic Power Profile. This feature aligns with Apple’s MagSafe, utilizing magnets for precise alignment and expediting the charging process.

The Upcoming Qi2 Wireless Chargers

Apple’s iPhone 15 models proudly stand as the first smartphones from the tech giant to embrace the Qi2 standard. The Wireless Power Consortium reports that over 100 Qi2 devices are currently undergoing testing, featuring contributions from renowned companies like Belkin, Mophie, Anker, and Aircharge.

image 486 Qi2 Wireless Chargers: Coming Soon with Revolutionary Magnetic Power Profile

The Magnetic Power Profile, inspired by Apple’s MagSafe contributions, is seamlessly integrated with the novel Extended Power Profile (EPP) to give rise to the comprehensive Qi2 standard. Qi2’s primary objective is to ensure flawless alignment between phones and chargers, promoting enhanced energy efficiency and accelerated charging. Importantly, it opens the door to innovative accessories that were previously incompatible with existing wireless charging setups based on flat surface-to-flat surface configurations.

The Qi2 chargers, already unveiled, boast the capability to charge devices at a remarkable speed of up to 15W. However, it remains uncertain whether Apple’s iPhone 15 models will leverage this faster wireless charging potential with Qi2 accessories. As per Apple‘s technical specifications page for the iPhone 15, the devices support Qi wireless charging “up to 7.5W,” omitting any reference to faster charging.

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image 487 Qi2 Wireless Chargers: Coming Soon with Revolutionary Magnetic Power Profile

It’s worth noting that MagSafe-enabled iPhone 15 models currently achieve a charging speed of 7.5W using the existing Qi standard, while they can reach up to 15W when utilizing Apple’s proprietary MagSafe chargers. The advent of Qi2 is poised to introduce a new era of wireless charging capabilities, fostering improved efficiency and compatibility across a broader range of accessories.


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