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Portronics Introduces CleanEx – a Series of Portable UV Sterilizer Sticks

With the looming threat of the deadly virus, precaution is the only substitute, to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones. To combat these contagious infections, Portronics, a prominent leader in the portable consumer electronics market, has introduced CleanEx – a series of Portable UV Sterilizer Sticks, to get rid of the unwanted infections.

CleanEx and CleanEx 101, both extremely portable, are equipped with advanced UV-C Technology, designed to sterilize and disinfect up to 99% of germs and viruses, effectively. This portable stick reduces the risk of virus contamination, odor-causing bacteria, and certain molds & allergens from surfaces at home, or even while traveling.

Being a Super UV Sterilizer, the CleanEx series is powered to disinfect your valuables/articles in less than 5 minutes, eliminating up to 99% bacteria, including fungi. Its quick technology, combined with long battery life, makes it a travel essential. Similar to all other Portronics products, CleanEx products are extremely lightweight and portable; one can easily carry them anywhere, anytime. Simply wave the sterilization stick onto the article you wish to disinfect, and the job is done in less than 5 minutes. Its handheld application makes it a must-have in these trying times.

Portronics Introduces CleanEx - a Series of Portable UV Sterilizer Sticks

With an undeniable necessity of travel, just carrying a sanitizer for your hands is not enough. CleanEx provides a stress-free travel experience, by easily sterilizing steering wheels, public toilets, switchboards, and even hotel rooms. It is extremely portable and can be easily carried into backpacks, purses, and suitcases, whenever you want. Additionally, using sprays and other alcohol-based cleaners for electronics can cause damage and irritation. CleanEx uses UV-C light to erase germs while protecting your valuables, too. It safely sanitizes products/articles like keyboards, phones, tableware, glasses, kitchen utensils, face masks, packages delivered at home, etc.

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The CleanEx stick has also been touted as easily operable, with its single ON/OFF button, making it highly user-friendly. The stick simply has to be waved over the object, and in less than 5 minutes it sanitizes all personal items, including practically all kinds of surfaces. CleanEx comes equipped with in-built, rechargeable batteries, and is also directly chargeable with a USB Cable. CleanEx 101, on the other hand, is direct-power enabled and does not come with in-built batteries. But, it supports 4 AAA batteries (not included).

Portronics Introduces CleanEx - a Series of Portable UV Sterilizer Sticks

CleanEx 101 also offers intelligent protection via an ultra-modern Gravity-Sensor, designed to automatically shut off once the sanitizer stick has turned over (UV side up). It protects the eyes and skin from direct exposure to harmful UV rays.

Pricing and Availability: 

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Portronics CleanEx and CleanEx 101 are priced at INR 2,499 and INR 1,499, respectively, available both online and offline. The products can be purchased from the official website or Amazon.in and are available in White color, and each product is backed by a 12-month warranty. As a part of a special ongoing offer, customers can purchase the CleanEx products at discounted prices from Portronics.com.

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