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PokerBaazi Partners With SHIELD to Enhance Fraud Prevention Capabilities

New Delhi, 16th August, 2022 – PokerBaazi, India’s biggest platform for poker enthusiasts, has partnered with SHIELD, the global risk intelligence company to preserve fairplay on their platform and continue providing a safe experience to users by ensuring only genuine players have access to the platform.

Baazi Games’ flagship gaming product, PokerBaazi, is a pioneer in India’s skill-gaming industry. Its audience today comprises over 2 million seasoned and new poker enthusiasts competing on a single integrated gaming platform. The partnership will strengthen PokerBaazi’s existing fraud prevention capabilities with SHIELD’s real-time risk intelligence. Equipped with SHIELD’s Device Intelligence solution, PokerBaazi will be able to proactively detect malicious behavior before fraudsters strike, allowing them to stop risky users from participating in any game before they have the chance to.

India is home to 420 million online gamers, with annual revenue from real-money gaming companies forecasted to reach INR 61.3 billion by 2025. Online poker is one of the most popular sectors of online gaming in India because of its skill factor and high user engagement. However, online poker platforms have also seen their fair share of fraud. Opportunistic players create multiple accounts to collude and rack up rewards. This creates an unfair playing field for other gamers, which adversely affects user trust and the integrity of the platform.

PokerBaazi has built a robust in house in-game fraud prevention system and with SHIELD’s technology will be further enhancing the prevention of activities such as chip dumping and multi-accounting. This provides PokerBaazi’s gamers with a level playing ground and high level of security – similar to what they would experience at a live poker tournament.

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“PokerBaazi has always been committed to bringing a world poker experience to our players across India which is similar to the thrill of playing an offline game of poker. Ensuring fairplay is the key component to the success of this mission. We have a zero-tolerance policy against anyone that tries to mess with our player experience. Our partnership with SHIELD has been instrumental in helping us ensure a trusted and fair gaming experience for all – a win-win outcome for us”, said Avneet Rana, Co- Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Baazi Games.

“Trust is the backbone of any real-money gaming site. In an up-and-coming online gaming market like India’s, security has become a quintessential element for any successful skill-gaming organization. We’re thrilled to be partnering with PokerBaazi to safeguard their tournaments – and users – from fraud and abuse. This collaboration will help fuel continued confidence in PokerBaazi’s stellar player experience as they continue to drive growth across India and beyond,” added Justin Lie, Founder and CEO of SHIELD.


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