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Pokemon Horizons: The Series Unveils Exciting New Chapter with Terapagos-set to Premiere on December 1st

On November 24, a riveting announcement from the official Terapagos Pokemon anime website set the Pokemon community abuzz. “Pokemon Horizons: The Series” is about to expand its universe with a three-part short anime dedicated to the newly introduced Legendary Pokemon, Terapagos. Scheduled to air from December 1st to December 15th, this mini-series promises to add a thrilling new dimension to the Pokemon saga.

The Dawn of New Heroes: Liko and Roy

Post the iconic journey of Satoshi, “Pokemon Horizons: The Series” introduces two fresh faces as its protagonists – Liko and Roy. Their story begins with an enigmatic encounter with a group known as the Explorers. Liko’s decision to join the Rising Volt Tacklers, soon followed by Roy, marks the beginning of a new era of adventures and mysteries in the Pokemon world.

Terapagos: The Center of a New Tale

The short anime, titled “Terapagos no Kirakira Tanken-ki” (The Brilliance of Terapagos: An Expedition Log), is a strategic addition to the main “Pokemon Horizons” episodes, airing after their ending credits. Fans can enjoy this special series on consecutive Fridays from December 1st, offering a deeper dive into the mystique of Terapagos.

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A Saga of Discovery and Mystery

Liko and Roy’s journey in “Pokemon Horizons” has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. The first arc of the series saw them exploring the secrets of Liko’s pendant and Roy’s Ancient Pokeball. Following this intriguing start, the series launched into its second story arc, “Terapagos no Kagayaki” (The Brilliance of Terapagos), which commenced on October 27 and has since released several episodes, further piquing the interest of its audience.

Introducing Terapagos: A Legendary Phenomenon

Terapagos, the central figure of this saga, is a Legendary Pokemon introduced in the ninth generation of the Pokemon games with the DLC “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 2: The Indigo Disk.” Its first appearance in the second episode of “Pokemon Horizons: The Series” next to Liko’s pendant was a moment of subtle but significant intrigue. The revelation of the pendant as Terapagos’s dormant form and its subsequent awakening in the 23rd episode added a new layer of excitement, as the Pokemon began its journey with the Rising Volt Tacklers.

The abilities of Terapagos, particularly its protective shield, are a subject of fascination. The Pokemon exhibits two distinct forms: a dark-blue Normal Form and a light-blue Terastal Form. While the visual differences between these forms are apparent, the specifics of their abilities remain a tantalizing mystery.

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Pokemon Horizons: The Series Anticipation

As the premiere date draws near, anticipation is mounting within the Pokemon community. “Pokemon Horizons: The Series” represents not just a continuation of a beloved franchise, but a bold new chapter in the ever-evolving Pokemon universe. With new characters, the enigmatic Terapagos, and a storyline brimming with adventure and secrets, this upcoming anime series is set to captivate both longstanding fans and new viewers alike.

The stage is set for December 1st, when “Pokemon Horizons: The Series” will magnificently unveil its latest offering – a journey into the world of Terapagos, filled with wonder, challenges, and unforgettable adventures. This is more than just a new series; it’s a new horizon in the beloved Pokemon saga, waiting to be explored by millions around the globe.


  1. When will the “Pokemon Horizons: The Series” Terapagos short anime premiere?

    The three-part “Pokemon Horizons: The Series” short anime on Terapagos is set to premiere on December 1st and will air over three weeks, concluding on December 15th.

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